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Skin Erase

by Ellen Mahony

Nothing reminds me more of my aging than my skin… I’ve become a leather canvas of mixed textures and hues, like a road map of small tan and brown towns, raised building and red and blue colored lakes.  Would have been nice to have some warning about this!

Sure, part of this is due to hormone changes and genetics but the majority represent an etched history of years playing tennis, running, sailing and uncounted hours of sleeping on assorted beaches.  Regrettably, there’s no going back but I do have a great idea for going forward.

Skin Erase is a general term which covers treatments for most of the changes I noted above, including:

Beauty Marks:   dark colored, smooth moles, with or without hair
Age Spots  tan/brown rough surfaced raised skin marks
Brown Spots:    flat roundish, skin marks, usually in areas of high sun exposure, these can progress to become “age spots”
Red Spots: small individual or clusters of capillaries that can be raised or flat and are red
Skin Tags:  small fleshy raised extensions of skin, often on the neck, arm pit area, groin

Any of the skin changes noted above can be on the face or anywhere on the body, causing annoyance and aggravation.  In addition, they don’t go away and can progress to become darker, raised and, all in all, more of an eyesore. The Skin Erase procedure involves numbing the skin and using very tiny instruments to remove the marks by vaporizing them. This is painless and can include multiple skin spots in one session.

Benefits of Skin Erase:

  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Painless
  • Often a one- time treatment

I’ve found this to be a great solution for all of my aging “artwork” and intend to clean up my canvas this winter - - with a fresh reveal this Summer!  Looking for a solution for your unwanted artwork?

Give us a call 203-221-0102 and get your 2020 off to a great start!

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880

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