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The Price of Your Procedure? It Depends…

price range

One of the most common questions we get from potential patients via phone or email is “How much does procedure [fill in the blank] cost?” And while our answer, “It depends,” may sound evasive, it’s really the BEST answer we can give when we haven’t met in person and we have no idea what factors might play into a cost estimate for your procedure.  » Read more

ALMI’s Got it All: Volume, Regeneration, Longevity and Safety

ALMI Open House Nov 2018

I was so excited to share in-depth information about my work in the area of regenerative medicine – and ALMI – with the room full of patients and guests at our Open House on November 13! Looks like people in Westport and Fairfield counties are interested in innovative regenerative procedures in aesthetics as the house was packed with men and women of a wide age range (smart of those younger folks in attendance to start thinking NOW about how to address the signs of aging before it gets too bad!).  » Read more

Combine Breast Implants With Other Procedures to Save Money

Moms know the time and work it takes to raise children, and the toll it can take on your physical body. Motherhood with all its joys and sweet moments, can also make some women feel like they’ve lost their identity, or can’t gain back the confidence they once had in their pre-baby body.  » Read more

A Protection Plan For Your Breast Implants

The latest in implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT®, offers women the best of both worlds – a beautiful natural look, and the peace of mind of a saline filled structured breast implant. Now when you purchase the IDEAL IMPLANT, you are automatically enrolled in the IDEAL IMPLANT Basic Protection Plan at no cost to you.  » Read more

Eyelids, Plumping, Tightening and Energy – Oh My!


You know that feeling when you’re just starting to get into the rhythm of summer? Getting out to meet with friends and family or to exercise is one of the great benefits of long days and warm nights. And then, suddenly, the school supplies appear in CVS, followed quickly by the bags of Halloween candy and it’s time to pull out the Fall boots and sweaters.  » Read more

What Every Plastic Surgery Patient Should Know About Board Certification

When you need help with a big life decision, such as a change in career, you may call a trusted friend or family member to get their advice. You know they’ll take the time to listen to your worries and concerns and offer you their opinion based on their personal life experience.  » Read more

What Are My Breast Implant Options? Dr. Mahony on Silicone Implants, Saline, and the IDEAL IMPLANT®

Women who had a breast augmentation done twenty years ago were limited in their choices for implants, stuck with a choice between the two breast implant options on the market: saline implants and silicone gel implants. The FDA continued to approve saline and silicone gel implants throughout the years, but as neither option greatly improved,  » Read more

3 Advantages of Doing a Threadlift in October

Threadlift face and neck
A non-surgical way to get lift and tightening of the face is perfect for Fall!

The PDO Threadlift has become increasingly popular at our Westport office since introducing it this Spring!   We’re all interested in nonsurgical procedures that add value in maintaining, or improving, the quality of our facial skin and contour.  » Read more

Dr. Ellen Mahony on Breast Implants, Patient Education, Safety, and Satisfaction

Breast Implant Patient Education and Satisfaction

We all set certain expectations for our lives, and it can be frustrating when they don’t pan out exactly as we would have hoped. As our bodies change, whether because of pregnancy, weight loss, or aging, some of us can feel like reality has failed to meet our expectations. Thankfully,  » Read more

IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants Have “The Best Safety Profile”

Structured Breast Implants have the best safety profile

“Research shows that when two choices are offered, many people simple stick with them.”* In the past, women had two choices for breast implants: silicone gel or saline.  Some women were concerned about possible rippling with traditional saline implants,  » Read more