Patient Case #3047

This patient received the following procedures:

As an attractive 19-year old A-cup woman, this young lady was embarassed by the shape of her breasts. She complained that they were narrow, long and lacking shape. Her aunt referred her to me to explain how breast augmentation might improve her breast shape and confidence.

At the time of her consultation at my Westport plastic surgery office, she asked about my training and credentials. I reviewed with her the various incisions and implant choices associated with surgery. She spent time trying on implant sizers and selected 250 cc silicone implants. We planned inframammary fold incisions.

Now at a 32C/D, she enjoys a full sensuous shape. She came in with a smile and dresses up the way she always desired!

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Surgeon: Dr. Ellen Mahony
Patient Age: 19
Patient Gender: Female

Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation
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