Patient Case #3270

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Sometimes the only thing that gives away our aging face is the extra droopy skin around our eyes. It’s amazing how a tiny nip tuck, hidden in the creases, can melt away our years of “experience” and lighten up your look.

At least that’s what this lady discovered.  She had been so proactive in living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of her face.  She felt and behaved like one of her daughters…why did she need to look so tired?   She had met Dr Mahony through a friend and decided to find out about eyelid surgery.

The consultation was so helpful.  She learned that using tiny incisions hidden in the creases small amounts of loose skin and fat could safely be removed.  Her eye would appear more open and she would look less tired.

The outpatient procedure went without a hitch. She had a few days of bruising which was easily disguised with makeup.  The tiny incisions are hidden and were quickly forgotten.  This lady now looks and energized and young as she feels!

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Surgeon: Dr. Ellen Mahony
Patient Age: 54
Patient Gender: Female

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid Surgery
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