Patient Case #3312

This patient received the following procedures:

When this 53-year old 5’4″, 105lb woman came into my Connecticut office looking for a fresh start. She wanted to change the appearance of her breasts which were lax and lacked volume, and her baggy eyes which didn’t match her personality.

During her consultation we discussed her unhappiness with her breasts and the fact that they were asymmetric. Together we decided that she would best reach her goal if she were to undergo a combination procedure. This procedure would include a bilateral lower eyelid lift using transcilliary incisions; a mastopexy of her left breast, and a bilateral breast augmentation using 210 cc saline implants in the submuscular position.

She was very please with the results. She was able to get that fresh look she wanted. The combination procedure resulted in her improved body proportion, enhanced breast shape, and a relaxed warm face and eyes.

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Surgeon: Dr. Ellen Mahony
Patient Age: 53
Patient Gender: Female

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid Surgery
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