Patient Case #2110

This patient received the following procedures:

No matter how active, diligent in eating habits and disciplined we might be, there’s no denying that middle age takes a toll on our metabolism.  Just ask this super star who still plays tennis 4-5 times a week, works full time and as a single Mom, runs a household of 3 little ones.

She described an insidious “thickening” of her midsection which crept in over the course of a few years.  Her weight is basically stable, but her clothes are tight.  Ladies, if you’re 45 and older, you all know the feeling…yuk!   This Mom had been in to see Dr Mahony several years before for a breast augmentation.  It’s no surprise that Dr Mahony was her first call when she was ultimately fed up with this “thickening.”  Dr. Mahony has a large number of men and women who return at various points in time, as the journey of life impacts on their bodies.

The consultation was fun and enabled both Dr Mahony and super Mom to catch up on each other’s life stories.  True to her description, there was a thin padding of ‘extra stuff’ all along the waist, hips, flanks and the inner and outer thighs.  A combination of slowing metabolism and gravity are to blame.  The two decided that some very specific liposuction along the problem areas would be effective in restoring her proportionate figure and taking away that “squared off” look associated with a straight waist line, that plagues all women of a certain age.

The outpatient procedure was as safe, simple and speedy as possible.  A total volume of approximately 2000 cc of fatty tissue were removed, dropping her size from a 10 to a 6.   We just received some stunning bikini pictures from the Outer Banks and it’s our unqualified opinion that she won’t be a single Mom a whole lot longer…ha!


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Surgeon: Dr. Ellen Mahony
Patient Age: 45
Patient Gender: Female

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