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Eyes wide open for summer!

by Ellen Mahony

Beautiful model woman with shiny and straight long hair.If you want to ensure you are able to enjoy and take in every moment of fun this summer, it might be time to learn more about surgical procedures to help open up the eyes and reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Ellen Mahony in Westport, CT, is an experienced surgical professional who offers many ways for patients to improve the appearance and youthfulness of the eyes –the windows to the soul!

What options are available to me?

There are several ways in which patients can restore a more youthful look to the eyes and overall facial elements. Below are just a few solutions for the eyes of both men and women:

  • PRP injections and dermal fillers – hollow eyes can lead to the appearance of a tired or exhausted face. By adding fillers and using platelet-rich plasma injections, patients can smooth away these areas by adding volume and enjoying a more rested look.
  • Botox® – Botox® is a neuromodulator that is extremely popular for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles, which are lines that develop due to muscle contractions. Botox® can smooth away the appearance of crow’s feet, the small lines that develop on the outer edges of the eyes.
  • Upper eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty is a very effective way of removing excess skin from the upper eyelids and providing a more open and “awake” appearance in cases of severe drooping or sagging. This surgical procedure offers long-lasting results and can be paired with other treatments for a dramatic improvement.

Request an appointment today!

Dr. Ellen Mahony is available to help Westport, CT area patients with both surgical and non-surgical solutions for the face and body. If you are looking for solutions to brighten and open your eyes, now is the perfect time to book a consultation appointment at her practice to learn more about upper eyelid surgery. When your surgical procedure is booked during the month of July, you can enjoy a free Botox service for the treatment of crow’s feet, a $360 value! Call 203-221-0102 to request an appointment at her office and find out how eyelid surgery, PRP injections, fillers, and Botox® can assist with reversing the signs of aging around the eyes. She is open to new and established patients in the community and surrounding areas.

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


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