Connecticut Plastic Surgeon Begins 2011 with Community Outreach

Published on March 20, 2011 by

Dr. Ellen Mahony has spent her career healing the minds and bodies of men and women. As the New Year begins, she looks forward to improving lives, inside and outside her plastic surgery practice.

Westport, Connecticut (March 2011) – Connecticut plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony isn’t just punching the clock. Her commitment to helping men and women find confidence and happiness is a 24/7 passion. For 2011, her goal is to support and educate her patients and other members of the community as they work to reach their potential both inside and outside her cosmetic surgery practice.

“When I look ahead to 2011, I see exciting things on the horizon,” says Dr. Mahony. “Personally and professionally, I look forward to many opportunities for growth. First and foremost, I want to support my patients as they enhance their appearance, confidence, and quality of life through cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast enhancement in Connecticut.”

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mahony offers a variety of procedures for face, body, skin and breasts. With surgical and non-surgical options, she develops unique, personalized treatment plans for each man and woman who visits her practice. The goals of surgery are more than just the obvious aesthetics; Dr. Mahony’s philosophy is that plastic surgery should reveal the beauty within, helping external appearance reflect true identity.

“Plastic surgery has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, and brought with it amazing possibilities,” says Dr. Mahony. “We’re at the point now where most cosmetic concerns have multiple solutions. My role is to educate people about their options and aid them on their path to self-improvement. Once they’ve made an informed choice, I use my many years of experience and in-depth training to achieve their desired results with the utmost safety and comfort.”

Dr. Mahony is reaching out to more than just Connecticut tummy tuck or face lift patients; she’s reaching out to all women in her community with Women in Power. This business development group hosts events intended to help women grow their knowledge, confidence and influence. Events to date have included “The Art of the Sale,” “Brand Me” and “The Book is Your Hook.” “Hire Me! Fire Me!” is scheduled for May. Dr. Mahony was a participant and sponsor for Spinodessey 2011, which raised over $450,000 for the American Cancer Society research and Norwalk Hospital’s Whittingham Cancer Center. Many more events are in the works for 2011.

“I’ve spent my career creating plastic surgery solutions for the unique needs of women. This means understanding their physical and emotional concerns and priorities at every stage of life,” says Dr. Mahony. “I’m happy to be able to carry over that understanding between my work inside my practice and my work out in the community. It’s going to be another wonderful year of doing what I love.”

Request your consultation with Dr. Ellen Mahony at her plastic surgery practice in Westport to learn more about cosmetic surgery. You can also call her office at (203) 221-0102 to schedule your appointment.

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