Success for Spin Odyssey 2013!

Published on May 5, 2013 by
Drs. Mahony and Goldman
Drs. Mahony and Goldman


On the eve of Spin Odyssey, I enjoyed a great dinner at Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant in Westport with Aaron Goldman, PhD (Breast Cancer Researcher), Spin volunteers, fundraisers- most notably Patty Kondub and Vincent Barbetta- national board member of the American Cancer Society (ACS).  The month of May marks the 100th anniversary of the American Cancer Society.  It was interesting to learn that of the many researchers whom ACS has funded, 47 have gone on to win Nobel prizes.

Meeting Dr. Goldman was a pleasure.  He is a passionate, bright gentleman, committed to the effort to cure breast cancer.  His post is at Harvard University in Boston.  The funds he was awarded through Spin Odyssey 2012 enable him to investigate, through nano-science, the factors that contribute to the resistance of some breast cancers to chemotherapy.  This revolutionary research is likely to change the lives of many women effected by breast cancer each year.

Spin Odyssey 2013 was a glorious day with bright sunshine and light breezes at Imperial Park, along the Saugatuck River in Westport.  Everyone’s spirits were high as the final preparations for the event were completed.  225 people participated in the event, along with 100 volunteers.

This was my first time on-stage as a sponsor.  It was great to have Aaron Goldman next to me and we were both blown away by the enthusiasm of all the teams and individuals before us!  Once the introductions were completed, the music started and the 6 hour ride began- FANTASTIC!

Every hour the on-stage teams changed, the music became more intense and new team leader motivated the crowd.  Volunteers, supporters and fans enjoyed the show while feasting on Fairway Markets excellent spread of healthy snacks and Robek’s powerhouse shakes.  Ringside, many sat in lounge chairs taking in the sun, Spin Odyssey energy and great conversation.

By 3p, six hours later, a still enthusiastic crowd remained.  (Personally, I was looking forward to a couple of Alleve chased by a couple of gallons of water…).  Warms good-byes were made and promises to return next year.  Over $107,000 was raised that day!

Breast Cancer doesn’t take a rest, it presents itself every day of every year.  We’ll ride again next year, and every year, until that threat is gone forever.  Good luck Aaron Goldman!

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