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Stephanie Oertel, Certified Physician Assistant

Stephanie Oertel is an accomplished, Certified Physician Assistant, joining Dr. Mahony in 2017. Read the press release: Stephanie Oertel news.

She graduated from Duquesne University, PA with a Masters degree in Physician Assistant studies. Stephanie excelled in her studies and took an early interest in aesthetic procedures. For this reason, she dedicated her time and energy to maximally immersing herself in the various aspects of aesthetics surgery. Stephanie worked with a recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh where she gained experience in the operating room, learned injectable techniques and mastered pre- and post surgical patient care. She also trained in pediatric plastic surgery at the renowned Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Stephanie has a talent and an “eye” for plastic surgery. She is a perfectionist. In addition to being a medical professional, she is also an artist. Stephanie believes that plastic surgery combines medicine with the artistry of the human body, particularly the face. As a sketch artist, she has analyzed facial contours and shapes for many years, thus developing a keen appreciation of the attributes, which represent beauty in the feminine form. Likewise, she understands the masculinity of the male counterpart. Stephanie recognizes those male features, which can be softened with rejuvenating procedures, and those which must be retained in order to uphold the chiseled masculinity that we all admire. Needless to say, her skill as an artist created the foundation for her technical acumen as a professional.

Since joining the practice, Stephanie has become an expert with Injectables, Platelet Rich Plasma, ALMI and Skin Resurfacing techniques. She performs all of the Vampire procedures with special emphasis on the Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, PRP scalp treatments, the O Shot and the P Shot. Her work with the aging hand has been fantastic! She loves to take time to educate each individual on the process of each procedure, ensuring that you, as the patient, feel comfortable the whole way through. Neurotoxins (like Botox) and Hyaluronic Acids (like Juvederm) are part of her daily work. She is as comfortable using the cannula as the needle. It goes without saying that patients have been delighted and enthused with her care- she is in demand.

Stephanie is also the point person for all surgical patients. She is the educator at all pre-operative appointments and the point person for all questions and answers before and after surgery. Stephanie reviews everything each patient needs to know before surgery, emphasizes instructions, prescriptions and checks in with everyone the night before their big day. She sees each patient after surgery, providing quality care, maintaining patient safety and ensuring well-being.

Stephanie moved to the area from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In her downtime, she enjoys traveling, hiking, going to live music events, and spending time with family and friends. Below is an example of the fantastic work she has been doing with the Vampire Facelift!

Staff Member Stephanie Sketch