Rhonda's Life-Changing Experience


Rhonda, a 41 year old Licensed Massage Therapist, is active in yoga, dance and like all women… loves shoe shopping. “I’ve been wanting a Breast Reduction since I was 19 years old.” She vividly remembers, “I skipped the whole training bra experience because I rapidly evolved into a buxom size 38DD at 12 years old.” There was never a time where Rhonda could honestly say she was excited to be so ‘well endowed’ because for her “it was a painful curse.”

Over many years she watched her chest grow and GROW. “I lived with countless backaches, neck pain and shoulder pain, sporting huge red marks where my bra strap dug into my shoulders.” Her posture became stooped and to make things worse, this whole problem was affecting her career that she loved so dearly. “Basically, I had HAD it. I began a quest to seek out the perfect surgeon that could offer me some realistic solutions.”

“I wanted a physician that was Board Certified and someone who did stellar work with a solid reputation and good bedside manner.” Rhonda says, “After seeing 4 different surgeons, I left every consultation feeling discouraged and was about ready to give up.” She adds, “The male doctors didn’t focus on what I wanted. Their opinions were based on how they wanted me to look. No one truly listened to what I wanted”. And then, “Finally, I heard about Dr. Ellen Mahony and immediately set up a consultation.” She shared that she was just so pleased with her initial telephone conversation with a staff member that she felt for sure that she was ready for the journey ahead. Rhonda can honestly say, “The minute I walked in the door of Dr. Ellen Mahony’s practice, I felt that is exactly where I was supposed to be.” Her consultation met her every expectation- it was a two way conversation, Dr. Mahony listened, understood her and incorporated Rhonda’s goals into a workable plan!


“I booked surgery that day and my entire life has changed since.” She confidently wears button down tops, swimsuits fit her differently, her back pain has subsided. She LOOKS and FEELS “FANTASTIC! The little things she was unable to do before, she can now do with vim and vigor. Finally revealed, is the beautiful body that was hidden below her heavy breasts. She also has lost 6 pounds and counting. “I learned a lot of good things from Dr. Mahony related to healthy lifestyle adjustments, positive attitude and creating small goals for motivation.” Rhonda says she “could not have asked for a better surgeon, she held my hand patiently explained the procedure in detail, no question was unanswered, her goal was to make sure the breast size was proportionate to my body size.” All in all, Rhonda is “over the moon with confidence.” Her results far exceeded what she expected, “When I look at my chest I am in shock they are so perfect.” Rhonda shared, she needs to reprogram her thinking when she goes to stores because everything fits now. She says, “Dr. Ellen Mahony is truly a miracle worker and a miracle herself- she is beautiful from the inside and out, she is an inspiration to me.”

Rhonda exclaims, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr. Mahony for your caring, kind demeanor your excellence as a surgeon, this is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I owe all this to you and your staff.” Words of advice from Rhonda – Make the time and just do it!