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At her cosmetic surgery practice in Connecticut, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony uses injectable fillers to fill wrinkles and lines for her Wesport and Fairfield, CT patients. She also can use these fillers to restore shape and contour to your face by adding volume to soft tissue.

In addition to traditional fillers, Dr. Mahony is one of the very few woman plastic surgeons in Connecticut with the skills, experience, and training needed to perform fat transfer procedures as a natural alternative. As with other cosmetic injectable fillers in Connecticut, a fat transfer procedure uses tiny injections to fill wrinkles and lines or fill out aging hollows in areas such as the cheeks.

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At your consultation, Dr. Mahony will explain all your choices to you, and then recommend the most appropriate treatment to meet your aesthetic goals, your lifestyle and your budget. Sit down with Ellen, and she’ll discuss the pros and cons of these Connecticut injectable fillers:

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and PREVELLE®. A naturally occurring, smooth soft gel, hyaluronic acid adds volume by hydrating soft tissue, smoothing away superficial wrinkles, and filling in hollows. Ellen often prefers these fillers for the lips and lower eyelids, where the skin tends to be thin.
  • Longer-acting fillers such as RADIESSE®, Perlane® and Sculptra®. These have greater substance and structure, making them ideal for deeper tissue planes. Ellen may recommend these to lift your cheek, contour the jawline, or blend in the jowl.
  • Liquid face lifts. These offer an even more comprehensive approach to nonsurgical rejuvenation. Ellen customizes a selection of neurotoxins, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®; hyaluronic acids, and long-acting fillers for an elegant rejuvenation solution for select patients.
  • Fat transfer procedure. Dr. Mahony removes fat from areas such as the thighs, abdomen or buttocks, and precisely injects it into areas that need it, such as facial wrinkles or cheeks and lips. To maximize volume and provide you with the greatest benefits, a fat transfer can be enhanced by adding dermal tissue to the fat. This is called a “dermal fat graft,” and is now available at her Connecticut plastic surgery practice.

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After having two children and years of unhappiness about the size of her breasts, at age 33 Sara decided to have breast augmentation. Thrilled with her results and now confident about her body, Sara defines her experience with Dr. Mahony as “amazing from start to finish.”

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In addition, if your skin has lost elasticity and suffered sun damage, Ellen may recommend a cosmetic treatment plan that combines injectable fillers with other skin care procedures, such as a chemical peel, spa services or a face lift.

For answers to common questions about dermal fillers, visit “Ask Ellen about Dermal Fillers” Blog.

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