Body Procedures

Everyone wants proportion and balance in their appearance and a body that’s contoured and firm. The reality is that over time, our bodies evolve due to weight changes, pregnancy, skin quality, heredity and, well, gravity. And it can be frustrating when exercise and dieting cannot fix certain problem areas.

This is what body contouring with Dr. Ellen Mahony can address. In a relaxed, one-on-one conversation with Dr. Mahony, a board certified plastic surgeon in the Westport and Fairfield, CT area, she’ll listen intently to your goals and expectations and she’ll take as much time as you wish to discuss your questions and concerns.

You can look forward to an honest assessment of your perspective and your needs. And soon you will realize that Ellen is about to become not only your doctor, but your confidant and friend.

Then, from a wide range of options, you and Ellen will team up to customize a treatment plan that encompasses one or more of the following body sculpting procedures:

You don’t have to let a few trouble spots get in the way of your vitality, strength and passion. Represent who you are with the body you want. In Ellen, you’re choosing a cosmetic surgeon who will understand who you are and what you want to achieve for yourself…then deliver beautiful results that meet those goals.