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Liposuction for Men
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V is for Victory or V-shaped Torso

The male beer belly is a fact of life whether you enjoy a cold brew or prefer sipping wine or scotch. Gaining inches around the beltline can happen at any age, and it usually gets more noticeable over time. You may have started to notice that your waist size has increased even if you have not put on any weight. Diet isn’t the only factor contributing to inches, men also worry about “Man-O-Pause”- the time in life when, similar to women, their hormones change. In the case of men, a reduction in testosterone and a relative increase in estrogen mean increased inches at the belt line. As the 40s begin, a not so welcome spare tire heralds in the new decade. Common complaints include clothing doesn’t look the same, or you see your belly hanging over your belt. The state of your shape is the opposite of what you’re looking for – instead of the enviable masculine V-line, you have more of an apple shape – not exactly the image any manly man is seeking.

This is why liposuction for men is tailored to restoring the V-look, which is broadest at the shoulders and tapers to a narrow waistline. With liposuction, which removes fat from targeted areas, men can achieve the proportions they have not been able to through simply working out and eating healthy. For men, the belly is a typical area of concern, and liposuction is also used to sculpt the male chest and reduce a double chin or thick neck.

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Liposuction for Men Westport CT | Dr. Ellen Mahony

Why Choose Dr. Mahony for Your Liposuction

Dr. Ellen Mahony provides fat-reducing liposuction to men in the Westport, Connecticut area, helping them achieve more ideal proportions. With her significant aesthetic and surgical experience, Dr. Mahony aligns patient goals with realistic expectations through open, honest communication. You will feel comfortable from start to finish and appreciate a woman’s view on the classic male shape.


I can answer with a resounding yes! In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2018, liposuction was the top surgical procedure for men.



During tumescent liposuction, small incisions are made in the skin to so that a specified amount of fatty tissue can be eliminated. Through the incisions, saltwater and numbing medicine (Tumescent Solution) are introduced to the fat to reduce bleeding and pain, as well as minimize the risk of contour irregularities. The next step is to remove the unwanted fat via small instruments using suction. Once the fat cells are removed, they do not grow back or reappear.

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