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XO-Vit Microinfusion Skin Therapy
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Love Your Skin Again with XO-Vit Microinfusion

Introducing Microinfusion Skin Therapy: Precision Skin Care On a Micro Level

Say "Hello" to XO-Vit microinfusion skin therapy! You will love (XO!!) this state-of-the-art skin care cocktail! Our Microinfusion skin technology takes the old Aqua Gold to a whole new level – revolutionizing the precise delivery of essential nutrients, exosomes, actives, vitamins, and DNA biologics directly INTO the skin — remember it’s IN THE SKIN that magic happens — not on or over!

Consider microinfusions as a more sophisticated and precise cousin of PRP microneedling procedures! You will LOVE (XO!!) the look and feel of your glowing, “glass-like” skin with a customized infusion boost designed with the ingredients vital to your skin health!

What are Exosomes?

Stem cells have long been praised for their regenerative properties. However, some of the credit should go to exosomes, which are tiny nanoparticles that are naturally secreted from stem cells. They have significant regenerative potential because they contain things like growth factors and proteins. In addition, exosomes are responsible for cell-to-cell communication and play a key role in processes that have shown signs of tissue repair and improving skin cells. 

Another exciting thing about exosomes is they are thought to address damaged cells and inflammation. Every day we learn more about the benefits of these rejuvenation superstars!

Exosomes can also be applied topically to the scalp for hair loss. This treatment is nourishing and hydrating. It can also make hair softer, shinier, and fuller. Exosome therapy for hair loss can promote a healthy hair growth cycle and reduce shedding.

Many patients like to use exosome scalp therapy in combination with other techniques. It’s a popular service to combine with PRP treatments, hair loss shampoos, and supplements.

You can think of exosome therapy as a cocktail for glowing and healthy skin. The treatment essentially infuses the skin with a regenerative complex of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, peptides, coenzymes, and amino acids. Some potential benefits of exosome facials include:

  • Fading age-related pigmentation
  • Improving skin firmness
  • Reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrating and nourishing the skin
  • Promoting a more even and radiant complexion
  • Decreasing post-treatment downtime by up to 50%

Exosome complexes can also be applied to the skin on their own. However, you will likely see the best results if you pair exosome therapy with a complementary skin rejuvenation service.

Exosome Therapy vs. PRP

Exosomes and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are both powerful rejuvenation solutions that can be applied topically. PRP can also be injected. Exosomes come prepackaged, which means a blood draw is unnecessary. Meanwhile, platelet-rich plasma comes directly from your own blood, which is then processed in-office with a centrifuge to isolate the beneficial elements.

A consultation is the best way to determine if you are a candidate for exosome therapy or PRP. The two treatments can also be combined to achieve comprehensive skin or hair rejuvenation.

Skin Facts

Of course, we all want our skin to look great, but do you know how important our skin is to our overall health?

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and arguably one of the most important. It is home to our nails, hair, and glands (think “moisture”- our skin houses both oil and sweat). As such, our skin is vital to protecting our bodies by managing outside threats such as bacteria, chemicals, environmental factors, and temperature. Very importantly, our skin protects us from dehydration and without it, we could not live. Our skin is about 70% water so keeping it fueled and hydrated is vital to its and our body’s protection – AND GLOW!

What Does Our Skin Need for FLAWLESS Function and Appearance? “THE SCIENCE OF BEAUTY”

The simple answer is that our skin layers require a complex steady diet of just about everything! As our skin changes with time, age, and environmental exposure, the diet of our skin also changes. But not to worry, the addition of active substances will accelerate and promote healing, thickening, regeneration/ building of collagen, repair, hydrate, smooth texture, and lighten dark pigment. As our beautiful skin ages, we can do so much more than just hope to maintain — which is always a losing proposition. In comparison, we can proactively and directly microinfuse the critical nutrients it needs to STAY HEALTHY, REPAIR/REGENERATE, HYDRATE, and…. LOOK GREAT!

A quick summary of what our skin needs (with an overview and some examples of each) includes: 

  • 20 Amino Acids including foundation and structural support, immune function, surface protection, regenerative processes, hydration/moisture retention Lysine, Arginine, Glutamine, Valine, Histidine
  •  9  Essential - these are essential building blocks not produced by our bodies  
  • 11 Non-Essential – these are produced in our bodies in variable quantities   
  • Vitamins- antioxidant protection, skin barrier growth, collagen development, reduce inflammation, support immune function, reduce solar injury, repair damaged cells- Vitamin C, A, B3
  • Minerals- essential to repair processes and development of all skin layers, assist in holding water and moving materials into cells, combat cortisol,/hormone changes, reduce inflammation and stabilize cell walls Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride
  • Water- the elixir and fuel of all cell processes and the key to dewy fresh skin that is plumped and pretty, the vehicle by which all cellular material floats from one place to the next
  • Peptides -“short-chain” amino acids for elasticity support, anti-inflammation, improve outer skin barrier depth, synthesis of amino acids, repair processes,  perform signaling for cell processes, fatty acid production Copper, Palmitoyl
  • Anti Oxidants- absolutely critical to skin protection against sun, wind, cancer, bacteria, and chemicals  Vitamin C, Glutathionine
  • Growth Factors/Coenzymes- improve skin barrier and signal cells and material for repair processes, reduce inflammation Thiamine, Coenzyme A, Nictinamide
  • Humectants – moisture retention by phenylalanine, ornithine, tryptophan, trehalose, mannitol -can be added to the skin to maximize skin hydration
  • Regenerative stimulants- the skin’s internal processes are managed within our skin by lysine, copper, peptides, minerals 
  • Exosomes- are tiny fluid pouches on stem cells, the contents of which function to transmit cellular information which is vital to the repair of cell damage (UV radiation, etc) and to trigger the synthesis of collagen, ground matrix and the surface barrier of the skin

What’s the Difference Between Mircroneedling and Microinfusions?

Microneedling uses solid needles to create thousands of small channels in the skin. Once those channels are created, an active substance, like PRP, is layered over the skin and allowed to seep into the channels. The channels vary in depth and so does your treatment:  if performed in a surgical office, they can be up to 2.0 mm in depth. If not in a surgeon’s office, well…. not at all deep… nor really effective. Although microneedling beats the majority of skin care treatments, the depth of those channels is a bit variable and there is room for improvement by turning up the precision. A true benefit of microneedling is the exfoliating impact to the surface of your skin- which ultimately reveals, days later, a fresh and clear skin surface.

Microinfusion uses hollow needles to precisely enter a specific depth of skin (0.5- 5.0 mm) and directly deliver a variety of active substances into that layer. Each layer of the skin fulfills a unique function and also has a unique “diet.” As an example, hydration is needed superficially, so that is where hyaluronic acid is targeted. Another layer builds collagen, so that is where amino acids and minerals are targeted. Melanin sits in the very superficial layer of skin, so for skin lightening, that is where tranexamic acid is targeted. Botox, when injected into the dermis, will improve the appearance of skin by tightening pores. Botox produces flawless “Glass Skin:” the craze in Asia and Europe, and one we all admire! And no worries… there is no facial freezing when only skin deep!

Microinfusion skin “cocktails” include customized ingredients delivered into the exact skin layer needed for the most effective result! More on the cocktail menu later…

Why Do Other Treatments Fall Short of Microinfusion Therapy?

We are bombarded daily by claims of topical lotions and potions which enhance/protect the skin while giving us a glam look. More recently we are hearing of intravenous therapies to ‘send’ nutrients through our veins to the skin, for better skin health and vitality. Regrettably, the skin provides such an amazing barrier to the outside world that it is nearly impossible for a topical agent to penetrate the surface. Similarly, sending dilute vitamins and minerals through our venous system, which is filtered through our- VERY SMART- livers, is not really a formula for beautiful skin. Although no one would argue that our dehydrated bodies would feel and look better with an IV liter of mineral water… let’s face it, we would all benefit even more, and spend less, by drinking more water and taking in more fruits and vegetables. Our bodies do best with the engine of digestion primed and ready. But our skin? Well, we now have the solution for this very complex layer.

The beauty of microinfusion therapy comes from not only the precision of uniquely targeting “depth and skin layers” but also from the wide range of skin boosting agents available. Each cocktail can be tailored to the individual’s needs AND the needs of each skin layer.

What’s in a Microinfusion Cocktail? Read on for more “skin boosting” science regarding this twofold therapy!!

As a baseline, your XO-Vit skin therapy microinfuses tiny quantities of the active ingredients above: essential vitamins, minerals, peptides, antioxidants, growth factors, amino acids and coenzymes, directly into each skin layer. This potent combination of active ingredients stabiles cell membranes, repairs damage and builds a stronger ground substance. Ground substance is the glue that holds cells together and adds thickness and density to our skin.- perfect for trapping moisture and reflecting light. Add on the anti-inflammatory properties and we have a winner for all!

Exosomes, which are a concentrated form of stem cell material, are also infused to facilitate cell-to-cell communication and trigger repair and regenerative processes. The structural framework to which exosomes contribute is a “scaffolding” upon which water can cling, collagen and elastin can merge and minerals and vitamins can fill.  Exosomes promote collagen production and enhance the role of growth factors, all to reduce healing time, stimulate skin firmness and rejuvenate appearance!

And here’s some good news! For those individuals who are fearful of giving up a blood sample for PRP, exosomes are a very good substitute.

The XO-VIT cocktail is the “foundation” of our microinfusion menu. Add-ons to XO-VIT are an option, or they can be used as standalone treatments, based on your skin goals.  

Add-ons are customized to your skin type and goals. This menu of boosters includes:

  • The Hyaluronic Acid (HA) boost is the delicious and plumping magic that fills our lips, adds volume to our cheeks, and acts by drawing moisture to it, almost like a sponge. When targeted by our Bella technology to the superficial layer of the skin, that boost of hydration smooths the surface, adds a dewy complexion reminiscent of our teenage years. It’s a wonderful rejuvenating boost to restore glow and luminosity to sun-worn skin, aging skin and youthful skin seeking renewal.
  • The PRP boost is the gold standard for a DNA, biologically driven skin therapy. This boost directs your unique growth factors and your stem cells to regenerate the materials which fortify your skin and its blood supply. True to any application of PRP, a skin infusion offers the most effective manner to influence the growth and remodeling of skin layers and any related repair processes. For those who want to further personalize their stem cell/exosome concentration, adding your own PRP is certainly a winner!
  • The Botox boost improves the quality of skin by shrinking pores and smoothing skin to a translucent porcelain quality.  It also reduces the secretion of oils and improves acne-prone skin. Think of the luminous glow of Asian skin- clear and clean as glass!
  • The Lightening Boost is perfect for sunspots, melasma, below the eye circles and all areas of hyperpigmentation due to those pesky melanocytes! Melanocytes sit on the very surface of the skin (epidermis) and a direct attack by tranexamic acid (TXA) will disrupt the melanocytes' ability to create melanin which is what gives our skin dark color. We offer 2 formulations of TXA for color blending.
  • The Exfoliating Boost adds another means of resurfacing the skin by introducing dilute trichloroacetic acid into the outer skin layer to promote exfoliation and renewal. 
  • The B12 Boost is ideal for skin health by reducing superficial inflammation, dryness, and acne!
  • The Turbo Boost is our most popular add-on because it powers up your skin by the additive value of more than one booster! Common requests include XO-VIT plus the HA Boost and Botox Boost. This special elixir is good for all seasons and ages. For those yearning for that luminous porcelain skin look, you must try the Glass Skin cocktail of XO-VIT Plus HA, Botox and PRP!! Talk about WOW! Our Skin Lightening Boost is getting more attention as it’s a game changer in the world of lightening dark spots- science shows 70-80% improvement!

The beauty of microinfusion lies in the immediacy of the results, the precision of product placement, the elimination of downtime and the ability to target multiple skin layers for a unifying and encompassing result- there really is nothing like it!

Can the XO-VIT Cocktail be Added to Other Services?

This powerhouse of active ingredients can be added to:

Who Is a Candidate for Microinfusion?  

Beautiful woman close up  with clean fresh healthy skin

Let’s face it, anyone seeking SMART skincare- that makes sense and works- will XO/LOVE this revolutionary technique!  We all can benefit from precise skin nourishment to strengthen layers,  build collagen, firm and tone, blend color, calm and protect.  XO-VIT microInfusions get down to the heart of the matter!

The younger population will benefit from the hydration, vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, LOVE the immediate results and appreciate the longer-term preventive bonus.

All populations will see a greater degree of improvement in overall anti-aging:  texture, moisture, quality, color, and “plumpness.”  Precise skin nourishment produces a glamorous luminosity in very little time and makes so much sense.  Restoring suppleness to the skin and brightness, reduces the need for cosmetics. The decrease in areas of hyperpigmentation and fine lines is very rejuvenating as well. Many people add their neck and hands.

Popular areas to treat include the face, neck, hands and scalp.

What to Expect at Your Microinfusion Appointment

Of course, we will first do a full consultation to assess your skin and to understand your goals.  Based on that collaborative meeting, we will recommend a customized microinfusion cocktail that meets your expectation and design a schedule of care. Recommendations for frequency of treatment are based on your skin health and may be monthly for a few months followed by boosters over greater intervals.

Microinfusions can be performed ALL YEAR ROUND!  And… have essentially no downtime! Expect about an hour of pink!  Although an immediate gain is noted, more visible changes will take about 7-10 days and continue for several months. We will clean your skin thoroughly and apply a layer of numbing cream to maximize your comfort- face, lips and neck- if you choose to add the neck.

The treatment is performed with numerous microinjections, our state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to program depth, rate and volume of infusion based on the goals of treatment and the area (face, neck, scalp, hands) of treatment.  We will record these settings and adjust them at each visit with a reassessment of your results.

You will feel a “stamp” to the skin of tiny needles as each footprint is placed and a mild lifting of your skin.  This ensures the accuracy of our microinjection to each skin layer as well as the assurance that the microdroplets are within the skin-- and not on it. The treatment itself should be about 15-20 minutes.

Unlike microneedling, where there is an abrasive quality to the skin surface, skin cocktails are infused into your skin.  For this reason, there will be less redness and irritation but there will be a visible improvement in quality immediately, and ongoing improvement over the ensuing weeks!  Each footprint of injection stimulates collagen development and modest skin tightening.


We are advocates of hydrating serums/moisturizers as the aftercare and offer a hyaluronic complex for this purpose and will apply it that day.

In addition, we favor the Elta and Revision product lines for SPF protection, it’s important to support all the efforts of the infused Vitamin C, Glutathione, peptides and antioxidants!  Once you have a good thing, keep it going!

Wait about 4 hours before washing your skin and applying make-up!  Let the powerhouse of active ingredients work without distraction! Avoiding abrasive skin care products and exfoliants for a week is advised.

** Remember to “cycle” your skin care products with actives at night and moisturizers and sun protection in the daytime.  Layering is the KEY to success!!  Ask our Aesthetic Nurse for the skinny on skincare tips!

Schedule an Exosome Treatment in Westport

We are happy to discuss the aesthetic benefits you can expect from exosome infusion therapy! Dr. Mahony will create a full treatment plan to help achieve your unique goals. Schedule a consultation at 203-221-0102 for exosome treatments in Westport, Connecticut.

*Disclaimer: Exosomes are not drug products. They are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure diseases or medical conditions. They are not intended to be injected or delivered intravenously.⁠

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