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Labia Majoraplasty
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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony has worked with countless women who want to feel like the best versions of themselves. Often, this includes procedures to restore or reshape the vulva after changes from childbirth, weight gain or loss, and aging so women can feel confident embracing their sensuality again.

A labia majoraplasty (or labia majora reduction) is one of several procedures that can rejuvenate the vulva. If you think labia majora reduction could be right for you, read on to learn more or call our Westport, Connecticut plastic surgery and aesthetics practice at 203-221-0102 to learn more.

What Is a Labia Majoraplasty?

A labia majoraplasty is a quick in-office procedure that permanently reduces the excess skin of the outer hair-bearing lips of the vulva. Dr. Mahony will remove excess skin from the labia majora to create a taunt, balanced, symmetrical appearance. In cases in which volume has been lost or deflated with age/pregnancy a fat transfer can restore a fuller, curved contour. The procedure typically takes about an hour and can be done under local anesthetic. The thin surgical scar is hidden in the natural inner crease making it nearly invisible.

Who Can Benefit From a Labia Majora Reduction?

There are several reasons women choose to have a labia majoraplasty. Outer labia skin excess is common with pregnancy, weight gain, and aging, causing some women to feel their vulva looks too elongated and bulky. This procedure can minimize bulging if you feel self-conscious about a “camel toe” in tight clothing like yoga pants or swimsuits. Removing excess tissue can also decrease irritating chafing.

On the other hand, many women experience labia majora volume loss. The outer lips can start to look saggy or deflated with age and weight loss. Fat transfer can restore lost volume, adding fullness and shape to this delicate area. It's not uncommon to combine a skin excision to correct skin laxity, giving you a more rejuvenated appearance, and fat transfer to contour the outer labia.

Non-surgical treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers may be combined with a labia majoraplasty to reduce loose skin. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can also boost collagen and elastin production for more skin elasticity and improve blood flow for increased sensitivity. PRP may also help speed your recovery.

How Long Is Labia Majoraplasty Recovery?

Patients typically need one to two weeks of downtime after surgery, though swelling can persist for four to six weeks. Bruising and soreness are common but manageable with cold packs and prescription or over-the-counter pain medications.

When Will I See the Results?

Once the swelling has gone down, usually around the six-week mark, you’ll be able to see your final labia majoraplasty results. These results are permanent, though gaining or losing a significant amount of weight can cause you to gain or lose fat around the vulva. You’ll also continue to experience some changes with aging.

What Procedures Complement a Labia Majoraplasty?

Labia majoraplasty is often combined with other vulva and vaginal rejuvenation treatments. These include:

  • Labiaplasty: Also called labia minora reduction, this in-office procedure can reduce or reshape the inner labia to make them more proportional and symmetrical.
  • Monsplasty: If you have stubborn fat over the mons pubis (upper pubic area), a monsplasty can reduce the bulge. Dr. Mahony performs this procedure at an accredited surgery center.
  • PRP “O-Shot”: If you’ve noticed a decrease in sensitivity and sexual pleasure or struggle with stress incontinence, a PRP treatment can thicken vaginal tissue, stimulate lubrication, and diminish discomfort associated with intercourse.

During your consultation, Dr. Mahony can recommend the best treatments for your aesthetic and sexual health goals.

Schedule Your Labia Majoraplasty Consultation

Feeling self-conscious about your appearance during physical intimacy can make an already vulnerable act less enjoyable than it should be. If you’re ready to reclaim your sensuality and feel at home in your body, call 203-221-0102 to schedule your labia majoraplasty consultation in Westport, Connecticut. As an empathetic and experienced provider, Dr. Mahony has a reputation for truly understanding her patients’ goals and delivering exceptional results.

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