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Glass Skin
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Hydrate & Clear Your Skin

You may have heard of the skin care regimen known as “glass skin.” This 10-step skin care regimen originated in Korea over 15 years ago. It is an involved series of skin care applications and products whose goal is to create “glass skin.” This is a smooth, clear, and intensely hydrated complexion.

But at Dr. Mahony’s, she can give you instant glass skin through a combination of different injectables made with very shallow injections across the face.

What Is Glass Skin?

For glass skin, Dr. Mahony takes a combination of injectables and injects them into the skin across the target areas. Unlike neuromodulator or dermal filler injections, which target wrinkles and lines, glass skin treatments instead focus on the upper levels of the skin. The goal is not to relax muscles or fill wrinkles; it is to lift and smooth the skin. This combination of injectables works to shrink pores and create, well, glass skin.

What Type of Results Can I Expect from Glass Skin Treatment?

Glass skin treatments shrink the pores the most. The injection series works to tighten the skin, which reduces the appearance of pores and makes the skin look brighter.

Although the goal is not to relax muscles or fill lines, these injections decrease lines and creases, further smoothing the skin.

Its effect on the sweat glands has the benefit of eliminating breakouts. This occurs with the decrease in pore size, making them far less liable to accumulate oil and clog (the cause of a breakout).

Interested in the Glass Skin Treatment?



These injection sessions with Dr. Mahony only target the skin, where oil production, facial flushing, and acne occur. These injections are quite shallow, not down into the muscle, and they work to control oil and redness while making pores appear smaller.

Dr. Mahony adjusts every glass skin treatment to the patient. We all have unique skin, and one of the great aspects of these new treatments is they can be adjusted to address your specific issues in the quest to attain glass skin.

Pretty much anyone who would like smooth, beautiful skin is a great candidate for glass skin treatments with Dr. Mahony. The only exception would be patients with dry skin types, as the decrease in oil production would be counterproductive for their skin.

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