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Upper Lip Lift
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What Is The Upper Lip Lift?

The Upper Lip Lift is an elegant and natural procedure for restoring, and/or creating, a youthful and sensuous appearance to the face and particularly, the upper lift. Although you may be thinking that a little Volbella or Juvederm will be enough to give your lips the boost and shape you need, all too often, patients acquire a very artificial and unnatural look  In comparison, the Lip Lift offers a solution that is not only more comprehensive but also longer lasting- meeting he goals of volume, projection and increased lip show.

Historically, older procedures included incisions at the margin of the vermillion (wet lip) and skin portion of the lip.  These approaches tended to flatten the junction and poorly hid the scars.  The  V-Y Advancement falls into this category. Later techniques including bull-horn or gull’s wing procedures had draw backs related to scar visibility.  In contrast, the Lip Lift performed with Dr. Mahony has many subtleties including a hidden incision, the ability to uniquely customize the procedure to meet individual expectations, an option to gain more visibility of the upper teeth and a tension free closure  All of these improvements contribute to a stunning, proportionate and natural result, typically without the addition of pricey commercial products.

Are there any risks of a Lip Lift?

This is not a difficult surgery, and it presents few risks. Still, it is surgery, so the risks of excessive bleeding, poor wound healing, infection, and the like are there, but these are rare. Patients can have a feeling that their upper lip feels tight, as if there is a slight pulling sensation, but this usually only lasts about three days. Otherwise, this is a safe procedure when performed by Dr. Mahony, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience.

Upper Lip Lift is the perfect choice for women (and men) seeking:

  • more upper lip central fullness, aka the pucker part of our lip, or Cupid’s Bow.
  • greater show of the pink part of the upper lip
  • enhanced projection of the lip
  • increasing the turn up/eversion of the lip
  • improvement in lower face proportion
  • in addition, it beautifully shortens an overly long lip, revealing the sometimes hidden upper teeth.  Well-proportioned lips go a long way to restoring a youthful smile!
  • reduced visibility of lip lines
  • increasing the visibility of the lip landmarks- philtral columns
  • combination procedures such as fat transfers and the addition of PDO threads
  • an office procedure or combinations of facial surgery procedures at the main operating room

Will an Upper Lift Lift change my smile? Will it look natural?

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mahony has the training, extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, and over two decades of surgical experience to ensure your lip lift will look completely natural. All that is happening with these procedures is the removal of a small amount of skin, usually right below the nose, to gently lift the upper lip. This creates a pleasing, naturally higher upper lip. If you’ve always disliked thin lips but don’t like the results gained with dermal fillers, a lip lift from Dr. Mahony is a great procedure.

Upper Lip Lift Procedure

As one of our many selections of office surgery procedures, the Lip Lift can be comfortably performed under local anesthesia.  With just a hairline incision, hidden within the rim of the nostrils and base of the nose, the design can be customized to accomplish any of the benefits listed above.  Tiny stitches are neatly placed for 5-7 days and removed in the office.  The barely discernible incision is neatly concealed and fast healing.

What is recovery like after a Lip Lift?

You will have some swelling for about one week around the incision, although this can last longer in some patients. This is completely normal. There will also be bruising for a week or so. Pain is not acute, and you probably won’t need prescription pain medication; ice and Tylenol should do. Stitches are removed in one week. After that, your upper lip will have some tenderness, but that will continue to lessen. Any redness can easily be hidden with concealer until it goes away. During your recovery you’ll need to avoid anything that would raise blood pressure to your face. Exercise and other exertion will need to wait for two weeks.

Advantages of Upper Lip Lift over Fillers

Upper lip lifts are becoming more popular for a few reasons. First, repeated injections of dermal fillers simply add volume to the lips. It can get to the point where the patient’s lips look somewhat bloated and artificially large. You’ve no doubt wondered about celebrities you’ve seen with unnaturally large lips.

Second, dermal fillers are eventually metabolized by the body. This degrades their volume as the hyaluronic acid is broken down. At that point, you’ll need another session. This is a continuing pattern without an end.

This surgery with Dr. Mahony instead provides a permanent, three-dimensional change to your upper lip. This enhances the upper lip, but it does so in a subtle way. If your upper lip has thinned with declining collagen production and natural aging, this can make your lips look more youthful and attractive. It’s a simple yet truly satisfying procedure.

Will there be noticeable scarring after a Lip Lift?

No, Dr. Mahony places the hairline incision where the nose meets the skin above the upper lip, so it becomes virtually invisible after healing.

How long will the results from my Lip Lift last?

These changes made by Dr. Mahony are permanent changes. You will have some degree of sagging as you continue to age, but this will not overwhelm your results. You’ll enjoy your lip lift for the rest of your life.

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