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Perioral Mound Reduction
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Get a Youthful Smile with Perioral Mound Reduction

The aging process will inevitably make your mouth look older. And it causes more than just thin lips and pesky wrinkles. In fact, perioral mounds are one of the biggest contributors to an aged appearance. They drag the corners of your mouth down and change the contours of your face.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat them. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony takes a comprehensive approach to lip rejuvenation. She frequently performs perioral mound reduction in Westport, Connecticut alongside treatments such as filler injections, lip lifts, subcisions for lip lines, fat grafting and threads.

Book your consultation with Dr. Mahony at 203-221-0102. Our practice is the premier destination for perioral mound reduction and other anti-aging treatments for the mouth.

What Are Perioral Mounds?

Perioral mounds are little fatty pouches that develop around the mouth. Not only can mouth-corner fat weigh your smile down, but it can also cause your entire lower face to look heavy.

As with most signs of aging, perioral mounds initially look subtle and gradually become more prominent. They also tend to be most noticeable when your face is in a resting position. People with perioral mounds may be perceived as unhappy due to their downturned smiles.

What Causes Mouth Corner Fat?

Several factors contribute to the formation of perioral mounds. However, fat redistribution and descent are the main culprits. Fat pads beneath your skin give your face a youthful fullness. As you age, your bone structure changes and the supporting ligaments become increasingly weak. Without proper support, your fat pads will sink lower on your face and protrude near your mouth.

Gravity also plays a role in this process. It pulls your facial fat pads down while deepening nasolabial folds and marionette lines. These changes can all worsen the look of the mouth fat bulge.

How Do You Get Rid of Fat Pockets Around Your Mouth?

People can develop perioral mounds regardless of their weight. As such, eating well and working out regularly will not have a significant impact on fat pockets around the mouth. Other interventions, such as topical creams and facial exercises, also fail to shrink perioral mounds.

Perioral mound reduction with liposuction is the most effective treatment for stubborn mouth fat. It permanently removes displaced fat cells to flatten and smooth unwanted perioral mounds.

Often, perioral mound reduction is performed as part of a comprehensive rejuvenation plan to tackle the multi-faceted nature of the aging mouth. It pairs well with services like dermal fillers, fat grafting, upper lip lifts and PDO lip threads. Let us build a tailored approach to achieve your goals.

What Happens During Perioral Mound Liposuction?

Perioral mound liposuction is a type of small-volume or mini liposuction. It utilizes a tiny cannula that, in the hands of a trained professional like Dr. Ellen Mahony, can remove excess fat from the corners of your mouth with incredible precision. This process will slim and contour your lower face. It can also reduce the downturn of the corners of your mouth (also known as oral commissures) and the depth of nasolabial folds. It is performed in-office under local anesthesia.

Schedule a Facial Liposuction Consultation in Westport

Perioral mound reduction is a facial liposuction technique that can make your lower face look younger and slimmer. It can be performed alone or combined with other rejuvenation options.

Call 203-221-0102 today to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony. Our practice serves patients from Westport and across Connecticut.

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