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Face Lift/Neck Lift for Men

Redefine Your Image

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In men, good looks are often described as displaying a chiseled appearance and a noticeable angularity of the face. Unfortunately, over time, even the strongest jaw line can begin to weaken courtesy of loose skin that comes with age. Your less-defined lines might seem like a problem of the chin or neck, but the issue more likely begins as far up as your hairline and stems from overall skin laxity. The drooping skin continues down to your neck, finally blurring your once definitive bone structure. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony performs face lifts and neck lifts on men, enabling them to recapture a more sculpted appearance.

A face lift – called a rhytidectomy – performed alone or in tandem with a neck lift, provides significant improvement to the firmness of the face. Dr. Mahony is known for delivering natural-looking results that show improvement without being too tight or overdone. She tailors each patient’s face lift and neck lift to his individual needs and facial contours and offers a multi-layer lift to address both the skin as well as underlying weakened muscle layer. By meeting your needs where they are best met, Dr. Mahony achieves the look you desire, whether you’re sporting a jersey, a button-down or a turtleneck.

Why Choose Dr. Mahony for Your Face Lift or Neck Lift

Dr. Mahony provides face lift and neck lift surgery to men in the Westport, Connecticut area, helping them revive their appearance with procedures tailored to their specific needs. She does this by combining her significant aesthetic and surgical experience with open, honest communication to ensure patients feel comfortable throughout the process and know that their results will be naturally appealing.


This is one of the most common questions I get asked. With plenty of negative images circulated in the media, it is not surprising that patients worry that a face lift or neck lift will leave them looking too tight or unnatural. In order to achieve the most natural results possible, I perform at least a two-layer lift so that tightening does not only occur on the surface but also addresses deeper layers of the face. Think of it as the difference between just pulling up the top sheet on a messy bed or straightening the bottom sheet first.



During a face lift, tiny incisions are made in the crease in front of your ear, around the earlobe and/or at the hairline. Your facial skin and muscles are repositioned in a way that achieves a more youthful appearance. Dr. Mahony performs a multi-layer lift so that more than just the top layer of your skin is stretched over still-loose lower layers. Instead, multiple layers are lifted, which creates a more thorough and natural-looking lift.

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