Menopause Makeover

Life isn’t over at menopause. In fact, in many ways, it’s just begun. This year, about 7,000 Baby Boomers a day will enter a new life stage and discover all the possibilities that come with it. They’ll find renewed energy to focus, finally, on themselves. A board-certified female plastic surgeon, Dr. Ellen Mahony believes that menopause is a liberating turning point that every woman should embrace. A Menopause Makeover plastic surgery procedure at her Westport and Fairfield, Connecticut-area office can make 40 fabulous and 50 feisty. First, you and Ellen will sit down and discuss the aesthetic and confidence-boosting benefits of an eyelid lift, face lift, liquid facelift, and injectables such as BOTOX® Cosmetic to restore the contours and curves of your face. You’ll also explore how she can redefine your breast shape and balance your feminine silhouette with a breast lift or breast reduction, as well as body sculpting with liposuction in her Connecticut practice. Today’s healthier lifestyles, longer lives and increasing independence mean you can re-define your sensuality and physicality. With a Menopause Makeover, you can achieve a combination of wisdom and femininity that wasn’t possible in your younger years. Welcome to your new life!*


Help, I’m starting to look like my mother. How can I slow down the clock?

While we’re sure that your mother is a beauty inside and out, we understand the concern when your image of yourself starts to resemble that of someone a generation ahead of you!  As women, we are going to live longer than our counterparts and historically remain more active and engaged with life.  All good reasons to want to look on the outside as well as we feel on the inside.  The Mommy Makeover has been popular with women who have finished with pregnancy and are pressing to get back their pregnancy body.  A generation or so ahead are the Menopause Makeovers ,which keep those of us over 45 balanced and in sync as well.  The aging process is different for us.  Our concerns are more often related to aging eyelids and faces and  dropping/thinning breasts.  Fear not, the “clock” can be reset!

I feel like I turned 45 and suddenly have love handles and cottage cheese thighs. Do I have to go back to eating just cottage cheese and celery?

Well, we’d never recommend a diet like that regardless of your thighs — even if one high in protein is a very good start. When hormones start to change in peri- and full-blown menopause, it’s very hard, if not impossible, to exercise and diet your way to a different body shape. No woman ever voted for  thickening at the waist,hip and leg line due to hormonal shifts!  I think some nutritional counseling to better understand your metabolism makes sense and committing some effort to resistance exercise weekly will definitely make a difference.  The tough spots, like the back-side flanks and hips are the WORST and for those, liposuction is tremendous!  Nothing feels better after 50 than removing those stubborn pockets of fat!  There are more important challenges at this time in  life- why over think the easy stuff?  We’re here to help. Call us for a consultation!

How many procedures will I need for my Menopause Makeover?

The type and number of procedures that you require will be decided after we meet each other in my office and I not only see your face and body but understand what your goals are for both. Some patients seem to focus on their face more – due to personal preference or how it’s aging compared to their bodies – and some are completely the opposite. Others choose a procedure or two for both. It’s really all about how you feel and what you would like to improve after you understand the options from our consultation.

How long do these procedures last?

While there are many variables – and it’s not possible to stop the progression of time – here are some general guidelines I use when helping patients think about timelines. Botox and fillers in the face can last from six months to a year, depending on your unique physiology. It is also possible to obtain very long-lasting results from a breast lift or reduction. That being said, significant weight gain or loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding after a breast lift or reduction can impact the long-term results.