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Male Breast Reduction

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A firm, squared-off chest is the masculine ideal. But as all too many men know, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), can be a source of discomfort as well as embarrassment and lost confidence. But there’s help: male breast reduction in the Westport and Fairfield, Connecticut, area from Dr. Ellen Mahony.

Ready to learn more about male breast reduction? As a Connecticut plastic surgeon, Dr. Mahony has the training to help you and give your surgical experience a personal touch. Request an appointment with her today to achieve real results from an experienced surgeon with a keen eye for detail.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

For men who are self-conscious about excess fat and tissue in their chest, known as gynecomastia, Dr. Mahony offers male breast reduction procedures. Gynecomastia is a relatively common condition in men that is characterized by overdeveloped, disproportionately large breasts that are often feminine in appearance. Dr. Mahony can recontour male chests and remove fatty tissue using a combination of skin removal (if necessary) and tumescent liposuction. Traditional surgical excision is also an option for some.

Men who suffer from gynecomastia may feel ashamed about their appearance. The condition is particularly troubling when it occurs during puberty or adolescence, as young men become the subject of locker-room teasing. While in some cases, the condition will resolve on its own or with weight loss, some men need a surgical solution for their problem. Dr. Mahony will work closely with you at her Connecticut cosmetic surgery practice, where she has helped many men improve their appearance through cosmetic breast surgery.

Request your consultation with Dr. Ellen Mahony at her plastic surgery practice in Westport, Connecticut to learn more about male breast reduction to treat gynecomastia. You can also call her office at (203) 221-0102 to schedule your appointment.

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No, unfortunately you cannot spot reduce the soft tissue build-up in male breasts. However, chest exercises are great for strength and your metabolism and you can (and should!) return to all strength training exercises about 3-4 weeks after your procedure.

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Gynecomastia is the medical term used to describe enlargement of the breast tissue in men and boys. Medical problems that can contribute to gynecomastia include thyroid, kidney and liver issues. Also, it can occur as a side effect of some medications. Most of the time it’s related to an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone, where estrogen is in excess. It’s most commonly seen in male infants, during puberty and in middle aged to older men. These periods are often associated with changing testosterone levels.



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