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Neck Contouring
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How to Love Your Neck Again

Tired of scarves, tight buttoned collars and turtlenecks? Bothered by the turkey wattle and double chin? Reclaim your freedom, confidence and neck/jaw line with clean definition, with Dr. Ellen Mahony and her Regenerative Aesthetics team. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Mahony offers a wide range of non-surgical and surgical procedures, customized to achieve your unique neck contouring goals.

The Benefits of Neck Contouring include:

  • Improved quality, texture and color of your skin
  • Tightening of lax skin at the front and sides of your neck
  • Reduction of fat accumulation below your chin and along your neck
  • Tightening of loose muscle bands (platysma) at the sides and front of your neck
  • Reduction in the muscle bulk (masseter) above your jawline
  • Smoothing the muscle bands of the neck (Nefertiti Neck Lift with Botox)
  • Removal of both loose skin and fat
  • A refined and defined jaw and neck line
  • Reduction in jowls
  • Re-established proportion
  • Restored youth and vitality

Your Neck Contouring Options

There are a wide range of neck and jaw contouring procedure spanning from non-surgical to surgical. Dr. Mahony is committed to finding the selection(s) that best meets your needs.

Start Your Neck Contouring Journey Today

Your consultation with Dr. Mahony will help with defining your goals and determining if neck contouring will meet your needs. Setting realistic expectations is the key to success! Those best suited to these procedures are in good health, can identify lax skin, fat deposits, aging skin quality or some combination of these factors.

Dr. Mahony has the expertise and years of wide ranging experience to guide you confidently in your decision making. If you’re looking for precision, honesty and personal touch, she is uniquely qualified, and you’ve come to the right place.

See Dr. Mahony’s results: before and after Neck Contouring.



131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


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