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Earlobe Reshaping
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What is Earlobe Reshaping/Reduction?

Ear lobe reshaping and reduction are techniques that modify, reconstruct, restore, or augment the soft or cartilaginous part of the ear. The objective of surgery is to create an external ear that has a natural, pleasing contour, proportion, and overall appearance.

The earlobes act as a frame for the face. When trauma or stretching occurs, a person may feel dissatisfied with their appearance. Ear lobe reduction or reshaping can help. We are pleased to provide this service to patients in the Westport area.


The earlobes may become elongated or enlarged as a natural part of the aging process. The cartilage of the ears may grow progressively throughout life. Whether due to age or the use of ear gauges, piercing, trauma or other tearing, an overstretched earlobe can be distracting. The ear reshaping procedure can restore proportionate shape between the earlobes and the ear as a whole. When the ears complement the face rather than detract from it, a person can be relieved of self-consciousness.

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This procedure is versatile and can correct several aesthetic concerns. These include:

  • Enlarged earlobes called “megalobes”
  • Pendulous earlobes that hang lower than they once did
  • Torn or lacerated earlobes that have caused the separation of the lower border of the lobe
  • Irregular ear shape caused by a congenital cleft deformity
  • Severe asymmetry caused by trauma or genetics
  • Thickness causes the earlobe to protrude from the rest of the ear
  • Severe stretching from ear gauges

None of these concerns may damage physical health. However, they can affect appearance and how one is perceived by others. Having ear reshaping surgery can enhance social and professional perceptions and success. Most importantly, the procedure can help the patient feel more comfortable and confident.

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