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Dark spots or areas of hyperpigmentation on the skin are caused by an excess of melanin, the chemical produced by melanocyte cells that give skin its color. Usually, melanin is dispersed uniformly. Several factors can trigger the overproduction of this chemical. These range from hormones to sun damage to the natural aging process. While we often look at lines and wrinkles as common complaints, sun spots and age spots can also become a frustrating cosmetic problem. In our Westport office, we have an innovative way to erase these spots quickly: Skin Erase.

What is Skin Erase?

Skin Erase is the term that Dr. Ellen Mahony uses to describe treatments that address several different concerns related to pigmentation of the skin. These include:

Freckles,dark spots,hyperpigmentation(melasma or chloasma)

  • Age spots, the tan or brown rough, raised marks that develop with age.
  • Brown spots, flat marks that usually develop in areas exposed to the sun.
  • Beauty marks, genetic discoloration such as smooth moles.
  • Red spots, flat or raised spots caused by clusters of capillaries.
  • Skin tags, raised, fleshy pieces of skin.

Any of the above changes to the skin, whether on the face or another area, can create a sense of frustration. These are not easy problems to correct without the help of a professional. When pigment conditions are not treated, they tend to worsen over time, becoming larger or more prominent. Skin Erase is a procedure developed to vaporize these spots using tiny instruments. Multiple spots can be treated in a single appointment.  

What areas does Skin Erase treat?

Skin Erase is a spot treatment that can safely be performed on any area of the body in which excess pigmentation has formed in small patches or where skin tags are causing discomfort. These discolorations often develop on areas that receive too much sun exposure, including the:

  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Neck and chest
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Underarms
  • Groin

What are the benefits of skin erase?

Benefits of Skin Erase include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient
  • Painless
  • Often a one- time treatment

Who are candidates for Skin Erase?

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mahony. If you’d like to remove visible signs of sun damage and age spots, Skin Erase may be an option. 

Is a Skin Erase treatment painful?

Skin Erase treatment utilizes a local numbing medication and advanced technology that quickly vaporizes discolored patches of skin. Patients should not experience any discomfort.



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