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Hello Younger You

After a certain age, many people begin to notice a tired, droopy facial appearance, characterized by loose skin around their neck, cheeks, and jaw. Sun exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle can accelerate this aging process, giving otherwise vibrant men and women a look that doesn’t reflect how they feel.

This is why facelifts (or a “rhytidectomy”) have enjoyed such immense popularity in recent years, as innovative techniques emerge that provide natural, long-lasting results.

As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Westport, Dr. Ellen Mahony is an advocate who can discuss your facelift with you and find the perfect solution for your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Mahony is a Connecticut facelift specialist who understands the unique benefits of each type of facelift approach. Each of them can reposition your facial skin and muscles to reverse the visible effects of aging and give you a rested, healthier look. She will help determine the most effective option based on your facial structure, level of skin laxity, and desired end results.

Everyone exploring a facelift aspires to appear younger, but that youthfulness will present differently based on your skin and anatomy. Some patients, for example, need to target their eyes for an enhanced look while others benefit from focusing on the lower face (jowls) and neck.

By partnering with Dr. Mahony, you can feel confident that your treatment will be personalized to the utmost degree. Working with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon for your Westport facelift or any other treatments will ensure maximum results with the greatest impact on your confidence and appearance.

Your Face, Your Face Lift

Your face lift procedure will be custom-tailored to your unique skin condition, your underlying facial contour, and, just as importantly, your aesthetic goals. Many people worry that a facelift will make them look pulled or overdone. Dr. Mahony makes sure that your results will look natural by performing, at minimum, a two-layer lift so that all of the tightening isn’t just done on the facial surface but also addresses the deeper layers of the face.

It’s important to remember that a facelift is not just about tightening the “fabric,” your skin, but the quality of the fabric! That’s why we recommend preparing your skin for a facelift with a Vampire Facial series. This innovative, in-office procedure uses your body’s own biologic materials to “wake up” the stem cells deep within the dermis, stimulating them to produce more collagen, repair the elastin fibers and increase blood flow.

Setting Realistic Expectations for a Facelift

A facelift is probably the most widely known yet misunderstood cosmetic surgery procedure available. In the media, it is often portrayed as either an extremely unflattering treatment that leaves you with excessively tight skin or a magic wrinkle remover that leaves everyone looking 20 years younger. Yes, a facelift can certainly restore your appearance depending on the level of skin laxity, the quality of your skin, and the skill of the surgeon. However, it is not a miracle cure for every age-related concern.

Realistic expectations are key to success in any cosmetic surgery procedure. This requires performing research and understanding what a facelift can and cannot do.

For example:

  • A facelift cannot remove all facial wrinkles, so while it may smooth the skin through tightening, it does not treat the eyes or forehead, nor can it erase lines and wrinkles around the mouth (perioral region).
  • Skin maintenance is still important to maintain your results. Spending a lot of time in the sun, not wearing sunscreen, smoking, drinking alcohol, and poor skincare will accelerate the aging process and lead to a deteriorated complexion.
  • The aging process does not stop after a facelift, so you should still recognize that you will continue to notice skin changes in both texture and laxity as time goes on. Treatments can certainly counteract these effects, but a facelift nor any other type of cosmetic surgery can stop you from aging completely.
  • A facelift should be sought for your own benefit, not because you believe that it will make you more desirable to others. Your emotional health before plastic surgery is equally important as your physical health.
  • Results take time to heal, so you must be willing to care for yourself and allow the results of your facelift to emerge over time as the skin recovers from treatment. Don’t worry; Dr. Mahony and the team are here to support you every step of the way.

Boost Your Face Lift with Complementary Treatments

Dr. Mahony can also perform other facial rejuvenation procedures along with or after your facelift, including threadlifts, eyelid lifts, brow lifts, and chemical peels. You may also want to discuss the benefits of volume enhancement, through fillers, implants and soft tissue augmentation, or the innovative concept known as a “liquid facelift”. And, if desired, you can make a Connecticut face lift part of a more comprehensive Menopause Makeover.

Rest assured, a facelift can offer an elegant change in your appearance, and help restore the youthful jawline and neck contours that have been concealed with age.

See Dr. Mahony’s results: before and after facelift.


Yes, absolutely. There are many factors to take into consideration when recommending and not recommending a facelift for a potential patient. Some of the most common reasons I steer patients away from one is that it’s too early and other less invasive options like ALMI, Threadlifts or even simple fillers are the right option for where their face is in its aging process. I also don’t recommend this procedure if someone is in particularly poor health with a circulatory problem or a heavy smoker. These conditions not only impede recovery but also increase risks and potentially inhibit good results.



As an example, injectable fillers are great for blending in transition areas between the lower eyelids and cheek or cheek and chin, or adding volume to the midface cheek bones. These ‘transition’ areas develop as the skin begins to show its laxity. Eventually however, the laxity progresses and not only are there abrupt hollows where these transitions began, but also there are visible folds of skin at the junctions between facial segments. Usually at this point the jawline has lost its definition in the skin redundancy. Regrettably, at this point, fillers are not very successful in camouflaging these signs of aging and in some cases, can magnify them. In comparison, a facelift can both reposition the facial tissue, restore anatomic volume and remove excess skin – better investment of time and finances.

Explore Before and After Facelift Results

These photos showcase actual patients of Dr. Mahony who have undergone a facelift procedure. Feel free to reference any of these during your consultation, or bring photos of other facelift results you have found online! Bringing younger photos of yourself can also be a great way for us to understand the results you’re hoping to achieve.

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