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The belly button often goes unnoticed due to its inconspicuous nature. However, the appearance of the navel dictates the look of the entire abdomen. Changes to the shape of this physical feature may cause a person to avoid wearing bikinis or other midriff-bearing fashion. Umbilicoplasty can correct unwelcome changes and restore a person’s confidence in their midsection.

What is an Umbilicoplasty?

Umbilicoplasty is belly button surgery. It is a plastic surgery procedure performed to improve the appearance of this part of the body. Umbilicoplasty has historically been an integral aspect of abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck. Today, the procedure may be performed in conjunction with a bigger surgery or on its own.

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I visited Dr. Mahoney 2 years before I actually committed to a breast augmentation. I visited her based on reviews, and was so happy from the initial appt. Fast forward two years, I finally became brave (I do not like going under for surgery, that was my hesitation) & decided to take the leap and go for it! The surgery was so fast, and I didn’t wake up groggy. Dr. Mahoney didn’t prescribe any percocets, all the medication was minimal, and I was able to rely on Tylenol by the second day. The staff in this office are all incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, which really made me happy I chose Dr. Mahoney for this surgery. I’m currently 3 months post op and I am very happy and back to all my usual activity. 10/10 will go back in the future for other services!

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Our practice provides a combination of surgical, non-surgical, regenerative procedures under the experienced hand of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony. Dr. Mahony is one of the most respected female plastic surgeons in the Connecticut area.

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