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Neck Contouring Procedures

Give Your Double Chin the One-Two Punch

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Whether you were never blessed with a firm jawline or you watched your double chin develop year after year, a lack of definition in this area can leave you looking heavier than you are, or out of shape when you’re not. A combination of aging, damaged skin, loose/lax skin, weakened muscles and accumulations of fat contribute to the loss of definition and bulkiness associated with aging men. From your profile to a portrait view, you want a visible distinction between your jaw and neck. If nature isn’t cooperating, it’s time to fight back – and we’re not talking about doing those strange exercises you can find online.

Neck contouring procedures ranging from non-surgical to surgical are designed to sculpt and define the jaw and neck. Your personalized one-to-one consultation with Dr. Ellen Mahony will greatly assist you in defining your goals. As a team, you’ll readily become educated and confident in making an informed decision. Dr. Mahony’s surgical technique gives male patients a sculpted facial look by performing liposuction below the chin and pairing it with a neck lift, a surgical procedure that combines muscle tightening with skin tightening. This double whammy offers an ideal solution to a double chin and turkey wattle because it delivers significant results, unlike trying to touch your tongue to your nose 20 times a day.

How are Neck Contouring Procedures Performed?

To truly create a defined jaw and neck line, the first step is removing extra fat from the area. Dr. Mahony uses targeted liposuction to do this, and it works on men who inherited their double chin, as well as on those who can thank age or extra weight for an accumulation of fat. Next, because loose skin only exacerbates the appearance of a double chin or may be entirely to blame, Dr. Mahony performs a neck lift, tightening the skin and muscles (cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty) around your lower face and neck. The result is a firmer, more angular jawline that imparts an impression of vigor and youth rather than weakness.

Why Choose Dr. Mahony for Your Neck Procedures

Dr. Mahony improves the appearance of the male jawline and neck through a variety of neck contouring procedures. By removing submental fat, which is the fat under the chin, and performing neck lift surgery – tightening both the skin and the underlying muscle bands, she helps men in the Westport, Connecticut, area enhance their appearance with procedures tailored to their specific needs. By combining cosmetic surgery with open, honest communication, Dr. Mahony ensure patients reach their individual aesthetic goals.




I wish I could say yes here, but if your double chin is not caused by excessive weight, it may not change significantly even if you alter your diet or exercise more. In fact, if you do lose a lot of weight, you might notice even more loose skin below your chin, and only a surgical neck lift can offer substantial improvement to that issue.



During tumescent liposuction, small incisions are made in the skin to so that a specified amount of fatty tissue can be eliminated. Through the incisions, the unwanted fat is removed via small instruments using suction. Once the fat cells are removed, they do not grow back or reappear.

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