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2018 Innovation: The Stem Cell Facelift

by Ellen Mahony

Would You Use Your Stem Cells as a Facial Filler?

Of course!  Because stem cells offer a three-dimensional solution to facial aging that is customized, biologic and safe.

The exciting science of Regenerative Medicine is growing in leaps and bounds, offering up solutions for previously unsolved medical challenges and providing new hope to many.  Although in the works for more than 60 years, the research is finally yielding reproducible outcomes that are worthy to note.

What are stem cells? Our bodies are composed of a wide range of cell types (“differentiated” cells) that allow us to have unique body parts: organs, skin, hair, muscle, etc.  Sitting in the background, are another type of cell (“undifferentiated”) that is prepared to repair and replace our differentiated cells as they age and die.   Also known as adult “stem cells,” these have a specialized capacity to support differentiated cell types needed within an organ system.  This remarkable feature allows us to not only heal injuries through repair processes but also allows us to live lengthy lives via replacement of aging cells with new cells (replication).

As if repair and replace weren’t enough, stem cells have another very interesting function: if placed into a new tissue environment or organ system, an adult stem cell can become the cell type of the new environment.   It will take on the identity and function of the cells in that environment and expedite the necessary repair and replace processes of that tissue.  The implications of this process are huge. Imagine rebuilding skin for a burn victim, healing the spinal cord of a traumatic spine injury, repairing a torn tendon or mitigating the damage of arthritis?

Cutting Edge Medicine

This idea of using our own DNA blue-printed biologic materials to improve tissue integrity is the cutting edge of Regenerative Medicine. When we think about stem cells, we usually think of bone marrow as the best source for collecting them.  As it turns out, our fat contains about 2,000 times the volume of stems cells as bone marrow.  And who doesn’t have a little fat to harvest?  I think you know where I’m going with this.

How does this apply to aesthetic use?  Consider this: commercial fillers are very expensive, have a short lifetime and limited function.  They add volume to the face and that’s pretty much it.  Fat, on the other hand, is malleable, natural and has biologic properties via its stem cells that make it wonderfully resourceful as an ideal filler.  Imagine if your fat could be processed in such a way that it is nearly liquefied and then strategically placed within your face.  Suddenly a concentrated volume of stem cells are triggered to morph into elastin, collagen, extracellular matrix (increasing skin thickness), small capillaries, etc.  Keep in mind that the fat is alive and biologic, so it can live for an indefinite period, providing improved long term volume as well as tissue integrity.

Then imagine that Platelet Rich Plasma is also placed within your face and skin.  Now you have another biologic showering your growth factors over your stem cells.   The PRP, in this case, acts almost like a fertilizer, heightening the capacity of your stem cells to differentiate more efficiently.   This combination of PRP and stem cells will do more than we could ever hope from any commercial filler.  Finally, we can truly turn back time, by not only adding natural volume but also by improving our complexion, restoring moisture to our skin, achieving the glow that represents a youthful look, and enhancing the quality of our skin.  A stem cell facelift is natural and lasting…

So, I ask you…why settle for less?   Stem Cell rejuvenation is here to stay -- REJOICE!

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