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The Best Plastic Surgeons in Westport are Promoting Freedom

You may look back on old photos of yourself and wonder what you were thinking with that haircut, or why your mom let you out of the house in those clothes!? I wonder if my mother knew she was dressing the future best plastic surgeon in Westport. But back then we probably didn’t think twice because we were in fashion.  » Read more

The Best Plastic Surgeons Say Cosmetic Surgery is Not For Everyone

Cosmetic surgery allows women the freedom to change their story. The anxiety surrounding their appearance and self-esteem can dissolve with a quick, life-changing surgery. It’s an exciting prospect and something that many women consider. Is it worth it? Will it make me happier? What can I expect? These are all questions you may ask yourself when considering cosmetic surgery.  » Read more

The Pitfalls of Permanent Fillers

We’re officially in an era of Big Lips. The growing availability and affordability of fillers coupled with a proliferation of media images of over-filled celebrities (one word: Kardashian) have normalized the pursuit of out-sized goals in the lip area. What’s the result? Fish lips. Filler fiascos. Lots of lips that look more like an allergic reaction or medspa disaster than a subtle enhancement to one’s features.  » Read more