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3 Advantages of Doing a Threadlift in October

by Ellen Mahony

A non-surgical way to get lift and tightening of the face is perfect for Fall!

The PDO Threadlift has become increasingly popular at our Westport office since introducing it this Spring!   We’re all interested in nonsurgical procedures that add value in maintaining, or improving, the quality of our facial skin and contour. And the Threadlift has proven to be a valuable addition.  Here are some reasons to make this minimally-invasive, in office procedure a part of your Fall makeover:

  1. The holiday season is soon upon us and if you’re looking to maximize your glam with a little lift and tighten, now is the time to get started.

We all start to plan for the holidays in early Fall. From planning holiday meals and outfits, to writing out guest lists, doing early shopping – our lists also include figuring out when to do our fillers, toxins, PRP and peels so that by December, we are at maximum GLAM as we hit parties and family events.  With that in mind, I like to do the Threadlift in advance of placing fillers or ALMI  The threads lift and position our soft tissue, often changing where and how much ‘fill’ is needed.  So, October is prime time to put the Threadlift on your ‘to do’ list!  The good news is that we have a special this month with great savings! Plan on November for your fillers and toxins: You never know, stay tuned, there could be some savings up ahead too!

  1. Starting now gives you time to determine if you would like to add more.

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, my philosophy is to start with less because often just a little of something provides the look that you desire as opposed to a lot, which can make you look fake.  I offer the same options with the Threadlift.  There are several ways to place them and different sizes dependent on the thickness of the skin and the amount of lift required.  Also, there are several places to apply them:  raise the brow, raise the cheek pad, raise the jowl, lessen the depth of the nasolabial folds, snug up the neck.  You can do one area or all areas.  If you’re just getting started in October and you love your look, you can add an area and still be glam ready by December!  Remember, this is done in the office with local anesthetic and virtually no bruising – can’t beat that!

  1. The smooth threads will minimize fine lines and add thickness to your skin.

Remember, the Threadlift utilizes an absorbable material that is the same as the suture material I use in the operating room.  Absorbable sutures become integrated into the skin, stimulating the growth of collagen and thus increasing the thickness of the skin.  A popular place for these threads is the upper lip!  As you know, with aging we lose the projection of the lip due to volume loss and bone resorption.  This process leaves a relative excess of skin which ‘folds’ on itself, leaving those obnoxious vertical ridges.  As much as I love to add volume to this area, there is no question that the smooth threads are a bonus as they add more foundational material to a region that is sorely lacking it.  I highly recommend this to you as another tool for your tool box.  We also have found them useful for the crepey neck skin.  The start of new collagen formation begins as early as three weeks after placement.  As I mentioned in #1, I would recommend adding the threads in advance of filler, so again, October is a great time to get started before the holidays arrive!

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