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ALMI’s Got it All: Volume, Regeneration, Longevity and Safety

by Ellen Mahony

I was so excited to share in-depth information about my work in the area of regenerative medicine – and ALMI – with the room full of patients and guests at our Open House on November 13! Looks like people in Westport and Fairfield counties are interested in innovative regenerative procedures in aesthetics as the house was packed with men and women of a wide age range (smart of those younger folks in attendance to start thinking NOW about how to address the signs of aging before it gets too bad!).

“There is so much more available to us in cutting edge science today.”

I began my talk with the enticing question, “What is beauty?” and shared how when I Googled that question I came up with more than 8 billion answers and references! Clearly, we’re all in the endless search for beauty. And I’m here to help!

However, It DOES get harder as one ages, and I shared some of the reasons why in my talk. Not only do we lose volume and the natural “plumpness” of our underlying tissues but we also (and this one was a SHOCKER even to me) lose bone density. Ladies and gentlemen, things shift and areas of the facial structure start to cave in where they were once proud and prominent – and others jut out (hello pointy chin!) where they once sat in soft alignment with the natural curves of the face.

Many of the current therapies available and widely used such as Botox and Juvederm are what I call one-trick ponies that go after just one issue. I look at toxins and some of the fillers with an “ironing the sheets” approach –they address the top layer of issues but don’t go deep to regenerate and restore what’s been lost.

Enter ALMI – Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injections

I found out about ALMI when I had a health scare in 2017. As a result of a surgery on my leg I developed a very deep infection throughout my body which caused me to lose about one third of the hair on my head – a very shocking thing for anyone, especially women! I was introduced to the Platelet Rich Plasma procedures that are used to restore hair naturally, using the body’s own biologic material, the platelet rich serum derived from one’s own blood. I became fascinated with what else might be available in the biologic restorative procedure area which is how I discovered ALMI.

ALMI uses your body’s fat cells which are rich in regenerative cells (there are more regenerative cells stored in fat than there are in bone marrow which is commonly used for stem cell transplantation!).  The fat cells are also processed into a smaller size for the ease of injection into the tissues and restoration of volume.  Since the fat cells are living tissue, they will live in the area to which they are placed and develop a blood supply, which enables these cells to maintain the volume addition for an extended length of time (can exceed two or more years).

They are uniquely designed to grow your own tissues, “turbo charging” an area of damaged tissue. We’re not just looking at volumizing but restoring, improving collagen production, capillary in-growth, etc.

“You can use anywhere from 20 to 40 to 60 CC’s of your stem cell material and do some amazing things.” 

ALMI Benefits

  • Volume/Structure
  • Wrinkles
  • Texture
  • Tone
  • Hair Restoration
  • Photo Aging
  • Skin Laxity
  • Sexual Health
  • Musculoskeletal

We’re one of the few practices in Westport and the wider Fairfield County area that offers this innovative procedure and we’re so excited about it we’re making it our mission to educate and inform our community of patients about its great benefits. Call today 203.221.0102 to book an ALMI consultation with me where I’ll explain how I can help create a personalized plan for you.

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


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