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Ask Ellen About Tummy Tuck

by Ellen Mahony

Q: “Prior to having children I loved my mid section. My pre baby tummy was flat and tight and I want it back! I’m considering a Tummy Tuck. How do I know if I’m a candidate?”

Ellen: The only way to know for certain that you’re a candidate for Tummy Tuck (also referred to as Abdominoplasty) is to come see me for a consultation. A physical examination is totally necessary. For example I have to take specific measurements of your torso and assess your abdominal skin to determine that a Tummy Tuck is the right procedure for you. That being said, if you have excess skin of your abdomen both above and below the naval, there is a good chance it is! At the consultation we will also discuss your goals and medical history to ensure the results will meet your expectations and that you are healthy enough for the surgery.

Q: “I’m 22 and have excess loose skin on my tummy after a large weight loss. Am I too young for Tummy Tuck?”

Ellen: First of all, Congratulations on your accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself. The good news is that as long as you are healthy, there’s no age that is too young or too old for Tummy Tuck. However, there are some factors to consider at your young age. If you plan to have children someday you may want to consider delaying this surgery until you’re finished with pregnancies as they can cause a recurrence of excess loose skin. If you see children in your future, but simply cannot live with this excess skin, you could have Tummy Tuck now but avoid the muscle tightening that is typically done at the same time. Young patients who have any type of plastic surgery have a higher likelihood of needing a secondary surgery in the future, not because of any short coming of the procedure, but more likely due to the fact that our bodies continue to evolve and change as we age.

Q: “What can I expect as far as scarring with Tummy Tuck?”

Ellen: I think everyone has a concern about scarring. But I think of it this way… a well placed thin scar is a very good trade off for a ledge of loose skin and fat that are inescapable! What you can expect is a thin “V” shaped line that typically goes from hip to hip but follows the natural curve of your abdomen and pelvis. Due to placement of the incision at the natural transition zone between the abdomen and pelvis, it is not particularly “eye catching.” Tummy tuck scars heal very nicely and over time fade into the color of your skin. Although it’s impossible to describe exactly where your scar will lie, because this is determined by your specific anatomy and circumstances, my goal is for the scar to lie as low on your abdomen as possible. In a few cases, a patient will require a small vertical incision as well as the horizontal incision. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words, I encourage you to take a look at our Tummy Tuck photo gallery to see a few Tummy Tuck scars for yourself! I think you’ll be relieved!

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