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Ask Ellen About Dermal Fillers

by Ellen Mahony

Q: “Why are soft tissue fillers so popular?”

Ellen: “Fillers” have become mainstream as non-surgical procedures due to their versatility in treating a variety of facial conditions. Popular uses include minimizing some wrinkles, making the lips fuller, disguising some scars, enhancing cheek shape and even minimizing the appearance of under eye bags and shadows. These procedures can be done in the office and usually have little if no down time! Plus, they are a great solution for the aging face that is not yet ready for surgery.

Q: “There are so many types of fillers! What’s the difference between them?”

Ellen: I think of fillers as temporary, semi permanent and permanent. The temporary fillers usually are Hyaluronic Acid based and resorb over 4-9 months. Semi permanent fillers have more structural characteristics and can last 9-12 months, sometimes longer. Permanent fillers are exactly that, “permanent.”

Q: “How would I know which type of filler I should use??”

Ellen: First, I would want to find out more about the facial area of interest to you and your goals, medical history. After analyzing your face and expectations, I would review with you the various choices (non surgical and surgical) available to you and make a recommendation- explaining as well the risks and complications of each choice. Once we are in agreement that you are making an informed decision, we would proceed. It’s important for your physician to be well experienced with fillers and to understand the importance of where each type of product should be placed.

Q: “Dr. Mahony, what do you think of permanent fillers??”

Ellen: When it comes to the aging face, it’s kind of like a moving target. The face volume, skin quality and shape evolve every year. Plus, there is always a possibility that surgery (facelift) will become a valued option as time goes by. I am not particularly enamored with permanent fillers because they only address a problem at a single point in time, not addressing the subsequent predictable changes that will eventually occur at that area or peripheral to it. Personally, I value the flexibility in choice, and over time, the semi permanent products afford both my patients and myself.

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