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Ask Ellen About About Our Latest Technology: Collagen Induction Therapy!

by Ellen Mahony

Q: “I’ve heard about Micro-Needling on the TV show, “The Doctors,” described as the latest Hollywood Secret…tell me more??!”

Ellen: Well you’re correct, Micro-Needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a hot topic in the non-surgical skin care revolution and rightly so! It’s an innovative technology to rejuvenate the skin without injuring the protective epidermal layer. Unlike laser and radiofrequency devices which can negatively impact on the epidermis, CIT creates small individual channels in the epidermis, via tiny microneedles, triggering both collagen and elastin production within each channel. The end result…firmer, smoother skin!

Q: “How can CIT be customized for me?”

Ellen: What I really like about CIT is my ability to vary the depth of needle penetration to suit not only the condition I’m treating, but also, the particular body surface area being considered- example” face, hands, neck, etc. This is very useful when I wish to infuse antiaging peptides and growth factors into the tissue- which is an exceptional and unique feature of this therapy. I like using Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C or Growth Factor for this purpose- great way to plump the skin, promote collagen/elastin formation and reduce fine lines!
Q:> “How does CIT compare to lasers and heated devices??”

Ellen: Think of it this way, each tiny needle puncture site stimulates collagen and elastin formation. The end result…improved skin texture/firmness; reduced pore size and improved appearance of stretch marks and scars. And because the skin surface (epidermis) is NOT disrupted, the procedure can be repeated safely and applied to regions typically unsuitable for lasers and deep peels, such as the eye/mouth area, hands, chest, neck.
Also, it can be used on all skin types and all ethnicities! Plus, there is no risk of burning.

Q: “Well…does it HURT? What about downtime??”

Ellen: Remember, some areas of the face are always more sensitive than others. In general, patients tell me the CIT feels like a sandpaper, tingling sensation but completely tolerable. I do apply a topical numbing agent to the skin in advance of the treatment for those who are hesitant but very few people tell me they need it. Another comparison: not as uncomfortable as laser hair removal!
As for downtime, your skin will look red immediately after the treatment and be pink for 2-4 days. Some people tell me the redness cleared in 24 hours but allow for longer, just to be on the safe side. I suggest you apply a moisturizer (we have some excellent products) and a sunscreen after treatment.

Q:“So far it sounds pretty good, other than the face, what body areas can be treated??”

Ellen: Great news on that end! The micro-needling technology can be applied to any body area. As an example, stretch marks on the belly can be treated. Acnes scars on the shoulders or face. The neck and decolette can also be treated.

Q: “Can CIT be combined with other rejuvenating procedures?”

Ellen: Yes! A great combination is to do a ViPeel a week or so ahead, followed by CIT. I will do light mircrodermabrasion just before CIT. And, it can also be combined with neurotoxins and fillers.

Q:“Is a package of treatments beneficial and, if so, offered?”

Ellen: I find that a series of therapies, like peels and CIT, have greater impact than just a on- off session. When I do these treatments on myself, I time them about 4 weeks apart. This strategy allows for a greater cumulative effect. So, “yes,” we will be offering a series of 3 at preferred pricing.

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