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Case #6048

Tummy Tuck

As a busy police officer, in fact one of New York’s finest, this busy 39 year old mom (5’3’’ 150 lbs) has little time to do anything for herself. Her day is filled with getting her kids ready for school, racing off to her high stress job and then returning home to finish off the day with errands, home work, dinner and then bed time. How does any Mom do it, let alone a single working Mom?? This young lady has done her best to keep in shape and in fact, her work demands it. She is one of the trusted few who circles the city by cycling. And that’s no small thing when you consider the “gear” that comes with that particular blue uniform- like the serious belt with all kinds of hardware like a gun, bullets, hand cuffs and geeez, who know what else?! Suffice it to say that gear weighs more than a few pounds so that’s no average bike ride around Central Park!

Despite the added bonus of exercise that comes with the job, she has been really annoyed about the extra layer of “thickening” that has surrounded her torso. In fact, she had “surgery” with two different doctors who each recommended she undergo various types of Non-Surgical Liposuction to fix the thickening. You can only imagine the disappointment she felt when the result each time was pretty much a NON-RESULT. Well, all that changed when she spoke to a fellow woman on the force who had recently had a Breast Reduction with Dr. Mahony and even showed her the new breasts! She couldn’t believe all the information her friend shared- the time Dr. Mahony spent with her, how all the information made sense, what to expect after surgery. About 5 minutes later, she called and set up her consultation with Dr. Mahony.

To this day, our lady officer tells us how relieved she was to finally talk to a surgeon that made sense! She finally understood that the reason the liposuction was not successful was because most of her problem was related to the extra stretched skin left over from having had a baby. In order to narrow down and tighten up her mid- section, a tummy tuck would be her best choice- it was the only way to remove the skin. She learned about the risks, complication, recovery, what to expect after surgery and most of all, why it was the best option to meet her goals. Well, after all that information, it was an easy decision for her to make.

Her surgery was smoother than a ride( with all that gear) around Central Park! She went from a size 10 to a size 6. Dr Mahony removed 1500 cc of fat and 950 grams of extra skin. And what a difference it made!! So, not only does she need a new blue uniform and and new belt…but she also needs all new swim suits for the Summer!! We love New York City’s finest and are here for those ladies whenever they need us!

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