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Better not pout this Season! Celebrate the Lip Lift

by Ellen Mahony

With the Holidays upon us, who doesn’t need a “lift” to keep up the energy and good cheer throughout the Season?  This year I have something unique to add to our menu of NEW office procedures- The Lip Lift.  Although you may be thinking that a little Volbella or Juvederm will be enough to give your lips the boost and shape you need, in comparison, the Lip Lift offers a natural alternative and the added benefit of lasting results.  Isn’t that always something to celebrate!?!

The procedure is the perfect choice for women (and men) seeking a little more:

  1. upper lip central fullness, aka the pucker part of our lip, or Cupid’s Bow.
  2. show of the pink part of the upper lip, turning it up a bit, enhancing projection.
  3. in addition, it beautifully shortens the long lip, revealing the sometimes hiding upper teeth.  Well-proportioned lips go a long way to restoring a youthful smile.

As one of our new office surgery procedures, the upper lip lift can be comfortably performed under local anesthesia.  With just a hairline incision, hidden within the rim of the nostrils and base of the nose, the design of the incision can be customized to accomplish any and all of the three benefits listed above.  Tiny stitches are neatly placed for 5-7 days, removed in the office.  The barely discernible healing incision is nicely concealed.

I like having something to offer beyond the oh-so-boring and one-dimensional option of commercial fillers.  When it comes to lip enhancement, a three-dimensional perspective is the only way to produce a natural look, long term result and the restoration of youthful proportions.  Take a peek at our Ellen Mahony MD Facebook page to see more about it.  The upper lip lift this was featured at our recent open house, November 21, 2019 and I would be delighted to answer any questions about the Lip Lift!

And, be on the lookout in December for release of our new website, including the opening of our new Connecticut Center of Regenerative Aesthetics!

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