Combine Breast Implants With Other Procedures to Save Money!

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Combine Breast Implants With Other Procedures to Save Money

by Ellen Mahony

Moms know the time and work it takes to raise children, and the toll it can take on your physical body. Motherhood with all its joys and sweet moments, can also make some women feel like they’ve lost their identity, or can’t gain back the confidence they once had in their pre-baby body. Thanks to modern day breast augmentation and plastic surgery, women can stop spending time being self conscious, and focus on more important things in life.

It’s a known fact that birth and breastfeeding has a lasting effect on a woman’s body. When your skin stretches from growing in order to support your baby, and your breasts have changed in order to feed your baby, it is naturally difficult for it to return to its previous form. Stubborn fat in your stomach and legs can linger regardless of the amount of exercise performed.

What is a “Mommy Makeover”?

Dr. Ellen Mahony, an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon in Westport, Connecticut, knows that women want to feel feminine and confident even after they have children. The self esteem that you want your children to have, they need to notice in you first. Dr. Mahony’s “mommy makeover” helps women renew their self-esteem and feel like themselves again. She will customize one or more  procedures with you in a one-on-one consultation where you can discuss with her your concerns and questions.

Most women elect to have a breast augmentation; whether it is breast implants, a breast lift, or both along with a facial procedure. If you have a small amount of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise from your pregnancy, or you need to address stretch marks or loose skin, the best procedures to get are a tummy tuck, pubic lift, body lift, or liposuction.

This combination of procedures saves you time in the operating room as well as recovery time. Getting more than one thing done at once also saves you money because you only pay for one anesthesia fee as opposed to two or three if you did each procedure separately. The great thing about the popular “mommy makeover” is that you are changing more than one thing on your body which allows for a dramatic after effect. This assures women that they are getting most “bang for their buck” and helps them feel like a completely new woman after their procedure.

Recovery Time with a “Mommy Makeover”

Your recovery time varies depending on what procedures you decide to combine for your “mommy makeover”.  The most common combination is a tummy tuck with a breast augmentation and usually requires a 2-3 week recovery time. You will be giving a surgical support garment to wear and Dr. Mahony will advise you as to when you can change into a sports bra. You should sleep elevated on your bed with something to prop you up. Women are advised to begin walking around as soon as possible after surgery and then slowly increase activity. If you are already in good health and follow Dr. Mahony’s instructions, you will heal quickly.

“I worked out and dieted and I lost weight, but I felt that I’d reached a plateau and still had this extra fullness in my abdomen that I couldn’t get rid of. I’d really felt self-conscious about my body for about 25 years, and it was time to do something about it…Dr. Mahony prepared me for what to expect each step of the way, from pre-op through the recovery. Everything she told me would happen, happened.” – Debra

Patients that trust Dr. Mahony can also rest assured that they will have a positive experience and excellent results. Her approach to breast augmentation is that of an art and she will inform you of the safest and best options for your body. When women wonder what type of breast implant they should get, Dr. Mahony explains,

“Hands down IDEAL IMPLANT has the best safety profile out of all the competitors right now. And women’s goals in breast implant surgery are really to look good, feel good, and look and be natural… It’s important to recognize that as surgeons and patients learn more about the various implant devices on the market, women patients have added device safety to their top list of breast implant surgery goals. Women are looking for natural choices for helping themselves to feel and look their best however as savvy consumers, they also want the device which will be safe for them and worry free for years to come. In terms of breast augmentation, the IDEAL IMPLANT has met all the goals and expectations in terms of safety. These breast implants look good, feel good, they’re natural, and you’re able to detect a leak just by looking in the mirror.”

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Researching breast augmentation and “mommy makeovers” in Westport? Contact Dr. Mahony today to discuss your options. Simply call 203-221-0102, or visit Dr. Mahony’s office is located at 131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut 06880. Contact Dr. Mahony’s office for a no-obligation consultation today.

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