Dr. Mahony on Breast Implants, Patient Education, Safety, & Satisfaction

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Dr. Ellen Mahony on Breast Implants, Patient Education, Safety, and Satisfaction

by Ellen Mahony

We all set certain expectations for our lives, and it can be frustrating when they don’t pan out exactly as we would have hoped. As our bodies change, whether because of pregnancy, weight loss, or aging, some of us can feel like reality has failed to meet our expectations. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where we can keep our minds, bodies and spirits in sync indefinitely.  If we choose, we can shape the bodies in which we want to live. We can do something about our physical selves to match our youthful spirit.

From breast implants, to facelifts, to liposuction, you can receive the care you want and need at the office of Dr. Ellen Mahony. When you walk into her Westport, Connecticut, cosmetic surgery office, you’ll immediately feel at ease. Dr. Mahony strongly believes in building trust with her patients, so you’ll know right away, “you’re not a number. You’re a friend.”

“Once you walk into the door of my practice, you also walk into my life. From that point forward, you have my dedication to making your goal a reality. We’ll discuss all your options, so the choices you make are well informed, confident and sensible- for you.” – Dr. Ellen Mahony

Experience Matters When it Comes to Breast Implants

Dr. Mahony has extensive experience with plastic surgery, including breast enhancement procedures using breast implants. But Dr. Mahony’s medical expertise and training are just some of the reasons why patients seek her out. Men and women who see Dr. Mahony also appreciate her honesty and listening ear.

“I don’t actually make an outward recommendation to anybody. What I like to do is have a consultation, at which time I can learn about  a person’s goals, discover their concerns, listen to them very carefully, and then outline with them the available options to reach their unique goals. I’m not the surgeon who will ever say to you, ’ Here’s what I can do for your breasts!’ or ‘Here’s what you can do about your face!’” – Dr. Ellen Mahony

When you begin the process of selecting a plastic surgeon, it’s important to seek out a doctor who is well educated, board-certified, and experienced in the art of plastic surgery. But you should also look for a surgeon who does not sway or persuade you in one direction or another due to their own bias or for their own personal gain. During a consultation, Dr. Mahony presents her patients with all their options for breast implants so they can fully understand how to make educated decisions about their bodies.

“I’m definitely going to spend some time separating the myths of plastic surgery from the realities. I have no interest in ‘selling’ anything to you. My goal is to educate you and give you the real deal so that your investment in yourself is well grounded and understood. I’m here to support you professionally and ethically.” – Dr. Ellen Mahony

Women Increasingly Seeking out Female Surgeons

Many women find comfort in going to a female plastic surgeon for their breast implants or other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Mahony believes this is because she shares their struggles and strives to be an advocate and support system. Dr. Mahony also has breast implants and has personal experience with the surgery, the recovery and of course, the options in implant selection.

“I am three months post-op and I am the happiest girl alive. I chose Dr. Mahony because of all the amazing reviews and results people were posting. And in all honesty, I felt more comfortable with a woman. She far exceeded all of my expectations. As a mom of 3 (all nursed at least 2 years), my breasts were left in an unsightly condition. I came into the consult with a certain size and look that I had envisioned for years. I went home and upon her instruction took pictures in different clothes with different rice sizers for the next three weeks. Low and behold I scheduled another consult and we brainstormed over the exact new look I was trying to achieve. Dr. Mahony is an amazing surgeon!!! Three months later and My ‘wishboobs’ adorn my body. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.” – Realself review from joberr

Choose a Surgeon Who Puts Safety First

Dr. Mahony constantly seeks out healthy and safe options for her patients. At her office, she offers IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. These implants are filled with saline and have a unique structure to give women a beautiful shape and a natural feel. There is zero risk of silent rupture with the IDEAL IMPLANT, and women can detect a leak just by looking in the mirror. Dr. Mahony says IDEAL IMPLANT has the best safety profile out of all the competitors.

“I had breast augmentation done by Dr. Ellen Mahony and I have to say that she is an amazing doctor and a true artist! Not only did she find the ideal size and shape of implants to complement my body but also placed the implants impeccably to create the perfect figure. It’s been a couple of years now and I am still in love with my shape! Thank you Dr. Mahony for your perfectionism, patience, and professionalism!” -Realself review from Linda75

Patient satisfaction is extremely important to Dr. Mahony. Whether patients come in wanting breast implants or an eyelid surgery, she loves helping them achieve their goals and improve their self-esteem.

“The greatest thing about my job is seeing how your confidence in your appearance shapes your life’s success. Whether it’s Nina fitting into the little black dress, or Rick finally taking off his t-shirt at the beach, you enjoy your daily life a little more. (And what could be wrong with that?)” – Dr. Ellen Mahony

Dr. Mahony is an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Network Surgeon offering the latest technology to women in the greater Connecticut area. Dr. Mahony stands among the nation’s most experienced IDEAL IMPLANT surgeons, with unsurpassed expertise in helping women achieve the beautiful results they want, without compromising their peace of mind.  

For more information or to schedule a consultation, simply call (203) 221-0102 or visit www.drellenmahony.com. Dr. Mahony’s office is located at 131 Kings Highway, North Westport, Connecticut 06880. Contact Dr. Mahony’s office for a no-obligation consultation today.

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