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The trend to smaller implants – and why

Women in the Westport, CT area who have considered breast augmentation using breast implants may be unsure as to what size implant to choose. Dr. Ellen Mahony is a plastic surgeon who is seeing an increased trend towards smaller implants. This beauty trend is picking up pace as patients want more natural and subtle changes…

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Breast lift vs. breast reduction

Women who are interested in improving their appearance by addressing the breasts may be confused by the various procedures that can be performed. With breast augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reductions, women may be unsure as to the plastic surgery best needed to achieve the results they desire. With Dr. Ellen Mahony, women can speak…

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Breast augmentation options for a new summer body!

Summer is around the corner, and if your body isn’t beach-ready, Dr. Ellen Mahony can help! Her practice proudly offers breast augmentation procedures for women in the Westport, Connecticut area to boost the size and volume of the breasts. This treatment is known for boosting patient confidence and helping women look and feel their best,…

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Breast Lift or Breast Reduction: The Differences

I write a lot about breasts on my blog but it’s one of those procedures that so many women have interest in and for such a wide array of reasons that it seems there’s always something to say about how and why to approach different breast procedures. This month I thought I would take some…

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Yes! They’re Ideal – 4 Reasons Why I Love IDEAL IMPLANTS

It’s a busy time of year in our office as women from Westport and Fairfield, CT and beyond seek us out for consultations on the ideal aesthetic surgery to get before warmer weather, skimpier clothes and bathing suits start to appear (I can’t WAIT for those Spring buds and longer, warmer days to appear myself!!)…

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How Cosmetic Surgery Could Completely Change Your Life

The greatest thing about my job is seeing how your confidence in your appearance shapes your life’s success. Whether it’s Nina fitting into the little black dress, or Rick finally taking off his t-shirt at the beach, I love seeing my patients enjoying their daily lives a little more. And what could be wrong with…

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Let A Surgeon Tell You About Silicone Breast Implants

You’ve asked your friends and family and all the online forums you can find about advice and experiences. You’re smart because you’re doing your research and you want to know what’s best for you. But the truth is, what worked for everyone else won’t be exactly what you need. You’re a unique individual and you…

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The Best Plastic Surgeons Say Cosmetic Surgery is Not For Everyone

Cosmetic surgery allows women the freedom to change their story. The anxiety surrounding their appearance and self-esteem can dissolve with a quick, life-changing surgery. It’s an exciting prospect and something that many women consider. Is it worth it? Will it make me happier? What can I expect? These are all questions you may ask yourself…

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Breast Augmentation Satisfaction Can Lead to a Happier Life

If you’re wondering why your long time neighbor seems to suddenly have a new bounce in her step when nothing seems to have changed in her life, the reason might be cosmetic surgery. Studies show that patients who elect to get plastic surgery don’t have any regrets. In fact, they’re happier and more satisfied with…

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Women Need to Know Their Breast Implant Options

Tear-drop, round, textured, smooth, high profile, low profile – are you familiar with all the terms? It can be overwhelming to walk into your one-on-one consultation with me and not know what I am referencing. That’s why I’ve decided to define each term so that you will have a clear idea of what your breast…

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