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Skin Erase

Nothing reminds me more of my aging than my skin… I’ve become a leather canvas of mixed textures and hues, like a road map of small tan and brown towns, raised building and red and blue colored lakes.  Would have been nice to have some warning about this! Sure, part of this is due to…

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3D Approach to Lip Lines: Finally, A Solution for the Aging Mouth that Works!

Smokers lines. Marionette lines. Barcode lip. The names are different, but the look is the same: drawn, wrinkled and a tell-tale sign of aging. There’s nothing more annoying to a woman than seeing her lips thin and take on the brittle texture that no amount of hydrating topical solution can effectively combat. Because the lips…

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Ask Ellen about Aging Over 50!

Q:  “I just turned 50 and it’s not my imagination…my waistline is thicker! I’m eating less…doing tons of crunches–nothing’s working. Help!” Ellen:  Oh brother, that “thickening” is a topic close to my heart- and waist. First of all, I applaud you for choosing to stick to your “size!”  And here’s the deal:  eating less food…

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