Dial up your Fitness – & your FANTASTIC – this Summer!!

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Dial up your Fitness – and your FANTASTIC – this Summer!!

by Ellen Mahony

Mother Nature cooperated by ushering out a gloomy Spring and its rain and clouds with glorious sun! With the weather finally cooperating, we’re starting to embrace all of the things we love about summer in Fairfield County, CT: weekend beach days, patio dining (wherever and whenever we can!) and the many ways to get active outdoors.

As many of my patients know, I’ve been a life-long fitness junkie, transitioning from running and triathlons in my 20’s and 30’s to serious strength training and fitness competition in the past decade, supplemented by summer bike rides and long walks with my dog Jack by the river. One thing I know for sure at my wise age of 60 is that there is absolutely no substitute for the mental, physical and aesthetic benefits one derives from physical activity.

I notice the differences in myself when I am not able to get my regular weight workouts in. And after years of experience interacting with patients who make fitness and healthy living a priority and those who do not, I can easily spot the benefits of dialing up your fitness. Even though I am a skilled, board certified plastic surgeon and I’ll deliver exceptional results based on your aesthetic goals, there is no doctor around that can give you what regular workouts, strength training and a protein rich, balanced diet can do for you, especially as you age.


The benefits for those of us 50+ are even more impactful. If possible, we must incorporate regular, weight bearing exercise several times each week to counteract the natural shrinking of our bones and muscle. Ever wonder why the elders in your family just kept getting shorter and shorter as they aged? Yes, genetics play a part but our elders also didn’t have the knowledge we do about the benefits of weight bearing exercise and protein. One way to counteract the genes you were dealt is to pick up the weights, even light ones, and get curling those biceps! AND, feed that engine with higher amounts if protein than ever before to combat muscle sarcopenia and boost diminishing hormones!

To celebrate healthy living and fitness, I thought I’d kick off the summer celebration we’re having here at our office in Westport, CT (check out our upcoming specials) with a list of some of my favorite places to get sweaty and fueled for a fantastic looking and well-lived life around Fairfield County:

  • Down Under – paddle boarding is a great workout.
  • Fairfield Hot Yoga – yoga is good for every body at every age!
  • The Edge – you might run into me at the Norwalk location. It’s my go-to for weight training.
  • Intensity – group fitness, tennis, squash and dance
  • Body Quest – a uniquely-designed combo of ballet, yoga, and circuit training
  • The Granola Bar – healthy food for dine in or takeout
  • Equinox – stunning new Southport location
    Compo Beach, Fairfield Beach or Weed Beach in Darien – run, walk, swim…then relax!

The glow, the confidence, the overall way a fit person carries him or herself is noticeable and impacts all areas of life. Schedule a consultation with me to see how our many surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures can support you in your goals for looking, living and feeling fantastic!

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


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