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Eyelids, Plumping, Tightening and Energy – Oh My!

by Ellen Mahony

You know that feeling when you’re just starting to get into the rhythm of summer? Getting out to meet with friends and family or to exercise is one of the great benefits of long days and warm nights. And then, suddenly, the school supplies appear in CVS, followed quickly by the bags of Halloween candy and it’s time to pull out the Fall boots and sweaters. I’m certainly feeling like “where did that go?” and also the familiar voice in my head whispering (o.k., shouting): “how will I be ready for the holidays?!”

November through January is the busiest time in our practice and for good reason! Our patients are back from vacations and their relaxed summer schedules and are now thinking about how to take advantage of cooler months and less revealing clothing to get a “few things” checked off their personal to-do lists.  You know the list I’m talking about, right???  This one’s titled face, breast and body – our favorite list!  Many of our surgical and non-surgical procedures are best done in the cooler months but there are a few I want to recommend in November as my holiday glam go-to’s.  I love these procedures as they have maximal impact on our look yet  limited-to-minimal downtime. No worries, we’ll have you looking and feeling great for all of your sparkly holiday festivities leading up to 2019!

Blepharoplasty. The eyes are the focal part of our faces – the windows to the soul! When they look tired (even after a good night’s sleep), droopy or have undereye bags it impacts our overall look, making us look older and unhealthy. Severe eyelid droopiness can even affect our vision.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery to the rescue! Eyelid surgery is such a great procedure because it significantly refreshes the look with very little downtime. Take a look at the amazing results of our patients on our photo gallery – and pay special attention to the recovery time: many of the “after” photos are taken just a couple of weeks after the surgery. If you want to “wake up” your holiday look, come in and talk to me about eyelid surgery. There’s plenty of time to schedule and to recover before those parties are in full swing.

JUVÉDERM®. Rosy, plump cheeks say youth and vitality like nothing else. And who would argue with a shapely lip and a few less furrows?  Even though father time takes away much of the plump, we’ve got some weapons in our arsenal to get back the “cheekiness,” pucker and softness of your younger self. JUVEDERM stat!!

Hyaluronic acid fillers such as JUVÉDERM® are like three weapons in one, adding volume (more plump please!), smoothing wrinkles, and filling in hollows. When I work with my patients, I feel like an artist, carefully placing the JUVEDERM filler to bring back the contours of my patient’s faces and to diminish some of the rough or harsh edges. This in-office or lunchtime procedure is quick and the results are immediate – another reason it’s on my holiday glam go-to list!

Toxins. While the name might be scary, the results are sublime! Botox and Dysport, are made from purified and diluted proteins. When injected into specific muscles in tiny amounts, facial muscles relax and your overall look “smooths out.” I love to use for the furrows at my brow and to take away some of the crepey lines around my eyes. You’ll be so pleased with the quick and painless results you’ll see in just a week or so.

Vitamin B-12 injections. One last item I’d like to throw in at the end of my holiday glam go-to list is a very different type of injection but one that will put some pep in your holiday step: vitamin B-12 injections. Who knew that despite how well we eat, exercise, sleep and supplement, it’s often difficult to keep our B-12 levels up, especially if we’re stressed and burning the holiday candle at both ends. I’m pleased to be offering B-12 injections in my office as part of my focus on innovative and comprehensive regenerative medicine procedures. Here’s to a youthful and energetic season for us all!

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