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Fall is here

by Ellen Mahony

Living in the northeast we have, what I think, is a lovely way to mark the different phases of the year with our distinct seasons. They bring about changes in weather, scenery (ready to see those Fall leaves!) and wardrobe that help us ease into a new pace of life and move differently for a few months. And while I really love the summer season and its bright light, warmth and outdoor activities, I relish Fall for the opportunity to reset and to make some personal and career goals for the end of the year before the holiday craziness sets in. Change is good.

As women, we tend to take on the lion share of organizing and arranging for our tribe -- no matter the season – whether it’s as mothers, daughters, wives, and we often neglect ourselves in the process. I hear this from my patients all the time when they question whether they should go through with a procedure they’ve been thinking about. What I think underlies this hesitation is a common question: “do I deserve this?” “am I being selfish to want to look/feel better?” What’s wonderful about being a female plastic surgeon is that I totally understand this! I always try to encourage women to come to their decisions based on just themselves and what they want deep down, when they’re quiet and reflective – not what others want. We all need people in our lives that help us recognize that if we treat ourselves with love, kindness and respect we are better able to do the same to all in our tribe. I’ve always enjoyed reading the daily meditations from Anne Wilson Schaef in her now famous book, Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much.  I’m embarrassed to admit that this was given to me long ago by my best friend from medical school, Dr. Karen Fung Dante- while we were still in school.  At the time I thought, “what the heck kind of gift is this??  I manage just fine!!”  Little did I understand then, the ridiculous pressure I continually layer on myself, and still do.  Check it out…I KNOW I’m not alone.

Speaking of tribes and supporting each other (and fun!), I hope you’ll join me and my staff in our offices on September 26 from 5-8PM for an event designed to celebrate Fall, drink some wine and learn about some exciting new innovations for skin and hair restoration that I’m excited to offer in my practice. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is on our minds and we can’t wait to share what it does with you.

While you wait for our Fall Open House, I’ll invite you to come into the office for a microdermabrasion to freshen up your tired, tan summer skin by exfoliating the outer layer that’s been soaking up the sunshine all summer long. Layer a VIPeel on top to soften skin, blend in dark spots and stimulate hydration. It’s what you need to prep your skin for the holidays and the next season…Winter (brrr!)

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