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Four Things to Consider About Breast Lifts

by Ellen Mahony

There is nothing more frustrating for a woman looking forward to firm, high, perky breasts and then finding out that she’s actually a borderline (or better) candidate for a breast lift, aka mastopexy. She probably thinks “How could this be?  All those pictures on the internet look just like me and they just have implants?” And also, “I don’t want those scars, I just want implants!”  Here are four things to consider to help align your expectations for breast enhancement surgery.

What are your goals?

Fuller/bigger?  Up higher? Tighter skin?  Firmer? Think about what you really want to achieve and bring along a “wish” picture of the look you would like. This will help us figure out any gaps between where you are and where you want to be. It will also be a helpful tool for explaining how one breast procedure differs from another with respect to your body.  Another goal to consider is the long term result. In other words, will you be happy with your choice 10-15 years from now?  It’s easy to get lost in the moment and forget that our bodies continue to change every year.  Any elective procedure is a commitment of time, energy and financial resources. Be sure to give some thought to both the short term and long term picture so you can choose the procedure that will have the greatest long term results!

What’s the quality of your skin?

Did you have kids and experience a change in cup size?  Is your skin thin and stretchy or thick and tight?   Do you have stretch marks?  Which do you have more of:  Loose skin or breast tissue?  Although many women may wear a C cup and feel they are too small due to loss of breast volume, the fact may be that skin excess and laxity are the bigger issues.  In the case of excess skin, an implant would have to be large enough to take up all that slack.  There are at least two potential problems with just using a large implant:  1. The implant may be so large that it looks out of proportion to your figure – perhaps even cartoonish   2.  Implants are heavy and their weight will drag down your soft tissue even further; not exactly the ‘wish’ breasts for any woman!

Is your nipple below your breast fold?

Keep in mind that all implants must be centered behind the nipple and areola. If your nipple and        areola are below the fold, your implant will be sitting low as well. In addition, if your skin is thinned or stretched out, the implant will slowly make its way further south due its weight and gravity…back to square one except with thinner tissue and lower, heavier breasts.

What about those scars?

Every surgery has a trade off or compromise and plastic surgery is no different.  With plastic surgery, an expert, board-certified plastic surgeon is trained to deliver well-hidden or disguised thin scars. The benefits you’ll gain in regards to the new shape or proportion of your breasts will outweigh the subtle fine lines that remain. Keep in mind that breast lift surgery is performed in several different ways so the location and visibility of the incisions will vary. Also, breast skin is extremely forgiving when it comes to healing.  I can’t think of any woman who has had a breast lift or reduction and been unhappy!

Keep an open mind as you consider your breast enhancement options!  Rest assured, we’ll work together to make a choice that will keep you happy for days and years to come!

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