You Want to do WHAT to my WHAT?!

NEW, in-office procedure deals with this uncomfortable & annoying issue

Published on August 5, 2019 by

Depending on the woman I talk to, the idea of having surgery performed on her labia is either a god send or a horror. Believe me, this is one of those situations where if you know, you know. Labiaplasty, a cosmetic procedure that changes the shape or symmetry of the vaginal area, is an important procedure that I’ve recently started offering in my practice. I trained to perform it mostly because I’ve had so many women (friends and patients) tell me, in whispers and in confidence, that they suffer from the effects of loose and lax skin in this area of their bodies. This area can become lax with age, stretched from vaginal childbirth or is simply a natural anatomical issue some women have to deal with, age and childbirth notwithstanding. Nature is sometimes cruel, I know!!

If you can believe it, this procedure is performed in-office and under local anesthetic in under two hours! Depending on the particular complaints and situation of each patient, I make a plan to surgically trim the labia minora (inner folds) so that they don’t hang down below the labia majora (the outer lips of the vaginal area) or just the labia majora. 

My patients that are active cyclists or yoga practitioners – or even those that just like to lie by the pool in their revealing bikinis – are elated with their “after” look. Even more important is the feeling that having some of that loose and hanging skin removed imparts. It’s really one of the most satisfying procedures I perform because of its ability to address some uncomfortable physical issues that women are often too shy to talk about.

One of my missions is to empower my patients to speak up for what they want when it comes to how they feel about their bodies. Aesthetic surgery has the power to boost confidence and destroy negative self-talk that can hold women (and men!) back from reaching their fullest potential. I see my role as a confidant and a collaborator, talking honestly with my patients about their ideas and issues so that we can create a plan together that helps them shine. Please reach out to me at 203.221.0102 if you’re experiencing issues with your lady parts! A labiaplasty might be just what this doctor orders!!