Ideal Implant® Structured Breast Implants Have “The Best Safety Profile”

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IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants Have “The Best Safety Profile”

by Ellen Mahony

“Research shows that when two choices are offered, many people simple stick with them.”* In the past, women had two choices for breast implants: silicone gel or saline.  Some women were concerned about possible rippling with traditional saline implants, others had concerns with the potential of silent rupture with silicone gel. Many women and surgeons felt frustrated that no implant had been designed that addressed all of their personal worries and desires.

Now women no longer have to choose between saline and silicone gel, because there’s a third option that has the same look and feel as a silicone gel implant, without the increased safety risks. After ten years of development and testing, IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants were approved by both FDA and Health Canada in 2014. These implants look great, feel natural, and they come with the safety of saline.

Westport, Connecticut, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony was recently recognized as an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon due to her extensive expertise with breast augmentation surgery and breast implants. Dr. Mahony is known for her considerable academic, surgical, and therapeutic background. Her patients appreciate her exceptional skills and her honest, caring demeanor.

“I just think for women, it’s time we had another choice. And the IDEAL IMPLANT is it!” - Dr. Ellen Mahony

What is the IDEAL IMPLANT?

The IDEAL IMPLANT gives women beauty without compromise. The breast implants are filled with a saline solution, so that if there is a rupture, the only thing leaking is harmless saline which is easily and safely absorbed by the body. Unlike traditional saline implants that tend to wrinkle and create a rippling effect, the IDEAL IMPLANT was specifically designed to stay in place,and look smooth and seamless.

“It’s structured. The IDEAL IMPLANT has two chambers for filling the saline volume. The outer chamber is baffled, or structured. Meaning that the saline isn’t able to roll from one area of the implant to the other. It’s contained within segments of that outer chamber, so that it stays in one place.” - Dr. Ellen Mahony

A major advantage of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that women don’t have to worry about silent rupture. That means if there is a leak in your breast implants, you’ll see it’s there. You don’t need a doctor to tell you there’s a leak, or pay for an expensive MRI to take a closer look. You’ll notice right away if there is even a subtle change in the volume of the breast. Another benefit of the IDEAL IMPLANT is its two-chamber design—only the outer chamber will show the leak, while the inner chamber will retain its volume. This is a great advantage to women since in the absence of a complete deflation or a gel rupture, there is no longer an urgency to rush to replace the device.  A woman can go about her day to day activity and arrange the replacement at a time when it is convenient for her schedule - no panic, no fear, no dread. As many women will tell you, the intrinsic peace of mind that comes with the Ideal Implant is invaluable.

How Does IDEAL IMPLANT Compare with Silicone or Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

With silicone gel implants, the FDA recommends patients have an MRI every two-to-three years to check for ruptures. What they don’t tell you is that MRIs for breast implants are often an out-of-pocket cost not covered by insurance. For that reason, many women skip it, which can endanger their health.  Another fact that is not widely communicated to women is that MRI testing has not proven to be sensitive enough to even detect a gel leak.  Regrettably, a negative MRI - meaning a result that does not show a leak - can not be relied upon as evidence that the gel implant is intact.  Thus, it is possible that you will not have evidence that a leak has occurred until a capsular contracture has developed.

“What we’re seeing, particularly in my practice, is that women actually are not obtaining the MRIs for silicone gel implants until they have ‘symptoms.’ And symptoms might be constitutional symptoms like feeling fatigued, feeling tired, feeling run down, having aches and pains, and so forth. They may notice a contour irregularity of their breast, or they may notice tightening of the breast implant or tightening of the chest wall and a sense of discomfort. So by the time a woman comes in for an evaluation with these types of findings, there’s a really good chance that the implant has already leaked. And at the very least there’s  development of a capsular contracture. Surgical management of a capsular contracture due to a gel leak can range from a single procedure to multiple or staged procedures, most often not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.” -Dr. Ellen Mahony

Silicone gel breast implants have a much higher risk of capsular contracture and rupture than the IDEAL IMPLANT. The rupture risk of the IDEAL IMPLANT is only 1.8%, compared to the top silicone gel brands, which range from 3.4-7.4%.

Many women also worry about scars after a breast augmentation. Will they be noticeable? How big will they be? With the IDEAL IMPLANT scars are less noticeable after surgery because the incisions needed to place the implant are smaller than those used for silicone gel implants. That’s because the IDEAL IMPLANT is not filled with saline until it is inserted into the body, allowing surgeons to put the implant in relatively flat. Silicone gel implants come pre-filled, so the incisions have to be bigger.

“Hands down IDEAL IMPLANT has the best safety profile out of all the competitors right now. And women’s goals in breast implant surgery are really to look good, feel good, and look and be natural.  (Women will tell you they want something natural in their bodies, similarly, they are moving away from commercial fillers and heading toward biologics as a better alternative to the manufactured products). It’s important to recognize that as surgeons and patients learn more about the various implant devices on the market, women patients have added device safety to their top list of breast implant surgery goals. Women are looking for natural choices for helping themselves to feel and look their best however as savvy consumers, they also want the device which will be safe for them and worry free for years to come. In terms of breast augmentation, the IDEAL IMPLANT has met all the goals and expectations in terms of safety. These breast implants look good, feel good, they’re natural, and you’re able to detect a leak just by looking in the mirror.” - Dr. Ellen Mahony

See if IDEAL IMPLANT is Right for You

As an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier surgeon, Dr. Ellen Mahony is proud to offer her patients in the greater Connecticut area the latest technology in breast enhancement. Dr. Mahony stands among the nation’s most experienced IDEAL IMPLANT surgeons, with unsurpassed expertise in helping women achieve beautiful results, without compromising their peace of mind.  

“My first experience with Dr. Mahony was excellent all around – from my initial phone call to the actual procedure to checkout. I was nervous and intimidated at the thought of seeing a plastic surgeon, but my fears were alleviated immediately as soon as I stepped into her warm, inviting office. She was attentive and gentle, and I especially liked that she did not try to ‘sell’ me on anything other than what I was requesting, where with other doctors I left the consultation feeling scrutinized and bad about myself. I would highly recommend Dr. Mahony.” - Patient testimonial from Dr. Mahony’s website

For more information or to schedule a consultation, simply call (203) 221-0102 or visit Dr. Mahony’s office is located at 131 Kings Highway, North Westport, Connecticut 06880. Contact Dr. Mahony’s office for a no-obligation consultation today.


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