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Lips and Lids for the Season!

by Ellen Mahony

beautiful girl with long messy hair and clean make-upYour facial structure and contours can help you look and feel your best. If you are unhappy with specific areas of the face, it may be time to speak to a plastic surgeon specialist about the benefits of cosmetic surgery. At the practice of Dr. Ellen Mahony, patients in the Westport, CT area can achieve results that are long-lasting and natural looking.

Address the lips and lids for the season!

This holiday season is the best time to look and feel your best! With special events and gatherings occurring every weekend, we know the cameras will be out catching these moments together. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your lips or eyes, there are plastic surgery procedures available to address these imperfections.

What treatments are performed for the lips and lids?

  • Blepharoplasty. Patients who have sagging skin around the eyes and eyelids may be great candidates for blepharoplasty. This is the removal of excess skin and the tightening of the eyelid muscles to achieve a more youthful appearance. In addition to addressing the look of the eyes, this procedure can also improve one’s field of vision if sagging upper eyelids are blocking their view.
  • Lip augmentation. Lip augmentation can be achieved in one of two ways: injectables and facial implants. Injectables such as dermal fillers can be used to immediately add volume with a gel-like injection, while facial implants can be added for more permanent augmentation of the upper and/or lower lips. During a consultation visit, our team can evaluate you to decide which option is best for your needs.

Am I a good candidate for blepharoplasty or lip augmentation?

To determine if these surgeries are an appropriate fit for your unique lifestyle and needs, it is best to book an initial consultation visit with Dr. Ellen Mahony of Westport, CT. Call 203-221-0102 to request an appointment at her office to discuss your needs. If your lip augmentation or blepharoplasty procedure is booked by December 2022, you can save an extra $500 on your treatments with our current specials. We invite you to connect with our team to learn more about plastic surgery procedures for facial enhancement.

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