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Ask Ellen About Liquid Facelift

by Ellen Mahony


Q:  "Is a Liquid Facelift for me?"

No matter how much sleep I get, I still feel like I look tired. My skin looks dull and sagging.  I’ve noticed wrinkles that are way more pronounced and even feel like I look a bit “jowly” around my chin.  With the holidays fast approaching, I don’t have time for “downtime” after surgery. Is there another option?

Ellen:  Yes, absolutely. A Liquid Facelift is a nonsurgical alternative that provides a refreshed look with a combination of in-office procedures which improve the skin texture, minimize lines and wrinkles related to animation and soften some of those deeper “gullies” that partition the cheek and lower face.

Q:  "Will I see the results I’m after, even though it’s nonsurgical?"

Ellen: it’s not a facelift.  But it is an easy, quick way to shape the face with fillers and reduce chronic wrinkle lines related to habitual expressions.  As an example, I always talk with my brows all the way up my forehead. Small amounts of fillers and neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) can simply soften your features and restore femininity to your contour.  Ultimately, this is all customized specifically for you and I will suggest exactly what will give you the results you are looking for.

Q:  "Can I expect any swelling or bruising?"

Ellen: I would plan to do this about two weeks ahead of any special events you have planned and stay away from aspirin, Alleve, Advil, etc to minimize the chances of bruising.  Remember, I said “minimize,” which is not the same as saying you won’t have any bruises! I’ll be using a tiny needle to do the work and bruising is possible.  The two-week lead time allows for the fillers to settle in and bruising to clear.  Think about doing it on a Thursday or Friday and allow about an hour for the procedure.

Q:  "I’ve seen friends that have gotten fillers or botox and they look frozen and chipmunk-y.  That is definitely not the look I’m after."

Ellen:  I am extremely conservative in my approach to injectables. The highest complement I get for my work with my patients is to have them tell me their friends said they looked fantastic, but no one asked, “did you have something done?”  My aesthetic goal is always to have you look better, not different. This procedure will definitely put the “happy” back into your holidays.  And I guarantee you will be ABLE to smile about it.

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