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Ask Ellen About Your Neurotoxin Procedure

by Ellen Mahony

We have callers all the time who ask this very question!  Here’s a quick overview for those of you who are just about to get “your feet wet” with non-surgical procedures.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find it’s all kind of a “non-event” but read on, just to be sure!


You can look forward to a consultation at which time your face will be assessed to define the types of lines, wrinkles and/or creases that you consider problematic.  Once you and I clarify that the lines are animation related, we’ll discuss which neurotoxin(s) will be most effective in softening the lines.   I’ll use a white pencil to mark out for you where the injections will be placed and how many units will be necessary for a maximal effect. You’ll learn how the lines are formed and which muscles contribute to line formation.  If you have a budget, I’ll take that into account as well.


A review of risks, complications, expectations will best prepare you for signing our consent form.  I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions.


Your face will be cleansed and if desired, a topical numbing cream will be applied at the site of each injection.  Again, your face will be marked with a white pencil to identify the position of each injection.  This information will be recorded on a customized facial diagram that is part of your chart.  The diagram will also record which neurotoxin was used and the number of units per each site.

I’ll tell you where I am going to begin and ask you to gently breathe in and out, like yoga.  I’ll count to three and you’ll know that every time I say “3,” there will be a tiny prick.  I’ll remind you that holding your breath, raises your blood pressure which contributes to bruising- we totally want to avoid that!  If you want me to stop, just say so and I will.

Once the injections are placed, I’ll massage each into the tissue with arnica cream.  From time to time, we’ll apply ice to the areas as well.


I expect that you will feel fine!  Depending on which product you use, it will take anywhere from 3-10 days to see the effect.   If this is your first time with me, I will want to know at the end of that period if the treatment was effective.  If not, I’ll want to see you back in the office for follow up.

As far as bending, lifting, exercise and movement-in-general…I typically don’t suggest any unusual post treatment precautions or restrictions.  It has been my experience that my technique is successful and issues of the product moving, late bleeding, etc are not problematic.

See, it’s just a 1-2-3 and you’ll be good to go!  Look forward to seeing you soon…

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